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How To Start Building Like Minded Connections

If you're like me and are an entrepreneur/influencer/blogger.. or whatever then I know you probably struggle with making friends. It can be difficult to build those healthy friendships that help motivate you in what you're doing. I know that you've heard all the business blabbers (such as myself) talk about the importance of having a tribe that will help build you up and hold you accountable.

So, if you're again like me, then you may not be good at making friends and connections. I am a very to myself person. I hate meeting new people. I hate dealing with social situations. It makes me feel anxiety and drained. However, you have to bust up out your comfort zone a bit in order to build a tribe and connect with like minded individuals. SO here's my tips on how you can achieve this.

How to Start Building Like Minded Connections

Reach out to people on social media.

This is an easier way to do it. I met someone who was also a social media manager via Instagram and she actually has become one of my favorite people. You'll be surprised at how virtual friendships can turn into real friendships. One of my BEST friends I met via Facebook because she wasn't afraid to reach out to me about something. If you see someone on Instagram or Twitter who you seem to have a lot in common with, reach out to them and start a conversation. I've sent messages and then deleted the thread (not unsend..delete) so that I am not constantly checking to see if they replied. It takes off the pressure of those awkward in person talks.

Go to networking events

This one is a work in progress for me, but every single time I've gone (except the very first time) I ended up with a new social media friend at the very least. It is definitely out of my comfort zone but it helps me feel less alone in this entrepreneur and influencer world.

Host an event or party.

I have never done this. I won't lie... BUT it is something I intend to do once I figure out how to do it and manage my anxiety on the issue. If you're like me and have special anxiety this can be VERY intimidating, but don't let that stop you. Let me know if you want me to create a blog post about my own personal event when I do host one!

Be approachable.

One of my biggest issues was always that I had this mean look about me. People who had never met me thought I was so mean or stuck up. Try and make an effort to smile and make eye contact with people when they talk to you. It can make a huge difference. Once I started making an effort to look nicer and soften my facial expressions.. I found more people were just openly talking to me at these networking events.

So these are my tips. They may not be magic sauce but it all takes practice. All of these (with the exception of the one) I have tried to do myself and seen success. Have you tried doing any of these? How has it worked out for you? Comment down below!!!


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