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How To Push Through Tough Times

I know people may not want to hear it, but difficult times are to be expected. It’s life. I, recently, have undergone some especially difficult times myself. We can’t control what life throws at us, but we can control how we respond to it. This may be hard to believe right now, if you’re going through things, but basking in your misery is definitely not the way to go. I’ve been there and I’ve done exactly that and all I ended up doing was prolonging my suffering.

Life is full of ups and downs. The toughest of the tough will go through pain and hurt. So, if you’re someone going through I’ll start by saying this: I am so sorry and I know that whatever it is, it’s hard and you may have a difficult time believing it’s possible to get through this. This post is for you and I hope that following these steps can help you get through it, even if that means just one person.

How To Get Through Hard Times

  1. Look for the lesson. Struggles come to make us stronger. A few years ago, before I was in my current relationship, I had my heart broken pretty viciously. I was madly in love and I thought that I would marry him one day. He made me believe hat he would love me forever, but that was not the case. In fact, towards the end I discovered that he probably never truly loved me the same in the first place. When it ended, my heart was in pure turmoil. I didn’t know how to move forward. Then, I decided to think of what that relationship taught me. Because of that pain, I learned so much about myself and what I could accept in future relationships.

  2. Reflect on past hard times. Now, this may sound ridiculous to some of you, but hear me out. This isn’t the first hardship you’ve been through. You may think it’s the worst, but do you remember the last time you thought you were going through the worst time ever? Then, what happened? You got past it. You got stronger. Now, that awful time is only a memory. And one day, so wil this.

  3. Let it out. Find some sort of outlet for your feelings. They need to be purged. You can’t move on Holding things in. It’ll destroy you to do that. Find someone to talk to, write it out in a journal, sing some songs that properly describe how you’re feeling. Figure out whatever way works best for you . Sometimes you even have to go as far as to see a therapist. There was a point in my life when I had to do this. And it helped tremendously. If I hadn’t done it, I’m not sure how much mental health I would’ve retained.

  4. Pamper yourself. This is probably my favorite one. Take yourself out on a date. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not. Go out and do something for yourself that makes you happy. Take yourself out on a nature walk. Self-care is vital in times like this.

  5. Get productive. Focusing on your goals for the future helps as well. If there is something that you’ve always wanted to do, now is the time to do it. Being busy with something productive that benefits your future keeps you from wallowing, pushes you forward, and promotes a better well being. When I go through hard times, I begin to plan and put in to place those plans. It puts me in a progressive state of mind which does help how I feel!

  6. Change up some things. Switch some furniture around. Shake up some things in your morning routine. Find ways to haw new scenery. It helps put your mind into a fresh perspective. One thing that helped me was going to different parks and restaurants and coffee shops. I love new coffee shops.

  7. Allow yourself to hurt. Sometimes the biggest mistake that we all seem to make is trying not to be hurt. I have tried multiple times to hold back tears and put on a brave face. But In the end I just prolonged my actual hurt. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be in pain. Accept the pain. Open yourself up to just feeling it. That way you can deal with it and move forward.

Hard times, no matter what they are exactly, is a struggle we all endure. The thing we have to remember is that we all go through it. We all face heartbreak, financial issues, and more. What sets the successful and happy a part from the unsuccessful and unhappy is how we all handle adversity as it comes. I’m not saying be made of steel because I’m definitely not. But learn to heal the right way and with time. These are all lessons I’ve had to learn and these tips are things that I have done myself and they all helped me get through.

How do you handle getting through hard times? Comment down below!

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