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How To Overcome Distractions For Effective Time Management

Discover The Effective Methods To Getting Things Done All Day, Every day Even If You Are Neck-Deep Busy

Have you ever been so burdened with so much to do, and well, so little time to accomplish them? The average person often leaves a lot of tasks unattended and unfinished.

A lot of times, I justified my inability to complete tasks with the excuse that I got bored of it. In reality, however, I got so overwhelmed, muli-tasked a lot, procrastinated so much, and ended up abandoning such again and again.

What you may have not realized yet is that leaving tasks unfinished is a minimal part of a bigger problem─ time management, or rather, the lack of it. In case you’re wondering how it all relates, then keep reading through.

Distractions are always around everywhere, every day. However, you only accord and acknowledge them as distractions when you shift your focus from what’s important to what isn’t as important.

That is to say, distractions only distract you because you allow it. Hehe!

Just for emphasis' sake, I’d repeat it, distractions only distract you because you allow it.

Have you ever seen a doctor right in the middle of a life-and-death surgery who storms out saying “I forgot to tweet about this surgery before beginning”? if you have, then I’m sure that the doctor’s license has been revoked.

As amazing and ‘important’ as tweeting about the surgery is, it becomes a distraction at that particular point in time. it is only acknowledged as a distraction when it comes between what’s important. Do you get the drift now?

If you are able to attach importance to everything you have to do, you’d barely give room for distractions. It’d keep ringing non-stop in your mind.

Now, multi-tasking! This could be a well-disguised distraction. It deceives you that you’re being productive, while in the real sense you may just have successfully given yourself enough legit distraction.

Even if you do successfully achieve the goal, multi-tasking slows you.

Back to our doctor story; let’s imagine it’s not a life or death situation and the doctor has ‘all the time in the world’ to finish up that surgery. And then he pulls out his mobile phone and starts tweeting and chatting.

What would happen? Tell me.

Is he still performing his surgery? Yes!

Is he multi-tasking? Yes!

Is that a distraction? Yes!

Is he being as productive as he’s supposed to be? No!

The simple reason being that productivity also entails timeliness. If he could finish that surgery under 30 minutes on a good day, he reduces his productivity when he now takes 1 hour because he was multi-tasking.

Distractions begin in the mind, just like every other thing. Once that first thought comes, shake it off and get back to work.

Learn to attach importance to every little activity. Remember that no one values your time for you if you don’t value it yourself.

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Cheers to steady growth.

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