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How To Minimize Holiday Stress

I am not going to lie... I LOOOOVE the holidays... but they are pretty stressful.

There are so many pressures and uncomfortable scenarios people put themselves in due to the holidays and I have had enough, haven't you?

So let's tackle some ways you can minimize some of that holiday stress.


Don't go broke over no presents

If you don't get it.. don't spend it. There is no price tag on love and anyone who gets upset you didn't drop a lot of money on them isn't someone you should be around on Christmas. You shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone.

Don't feel obligated to do things you hate

A common thing I notice during the holidays is people forcing themselves to do things they don't want to and be around people they don't like just because it's the holidays. I remember being a teenager and younger around family I didn't like and was uncomfortable with around Christmas and I was always unhappy and irritated the majority of the holiday season. I LOVE Christmas... why should I have to spend it with people I don't like just because we're related? When I turned 18, I made it clear I would rather spend the holidays alone than around people who drain me. This turned out to be a blessing because now during the holidays I am always with my immediate family or others I love and have the BEST time.


Give yourself lots of love and grace during this time. You deserve it. Why would you be on a vacation from work or school just to do a bunch of stuff and be stressed out? Take time to ENJOY your time off. Sleep in. Do a face mask. Take a long bubble bath. Sit out on your porch and drink some coffee or cocoa.

Get help/support

I don't know what that looks like for you but whether it is therapy, talking to a friend, leaning on your partner.... lean on a support system. If you feel something, there should be somebody you talk to about it. I have discovered an app called Positive where you can talk to someone for FREE. I've used it several times and having a sounding board has been a powerful thing.

Set clear boundaries

If you do choose to be around family, make sure you set boundaries. People are to be respectful. People are to be mindful of their mental health. And anyone who has a problem with that can choose to spend their holidays elsewhere. Remember people treat you how you allow them to.

Make sure you are eating and sleeping healthily

How you eat and sleep has a huge impact on your mental health. Make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner and getting the right amount of sleep. No excuses. Do it.

The holidays are meant to be a beautiful and fun time. Don't let outside forces take away that joy.

Are there any tips you can add to this list? Comment down below!

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