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How To Make Full-Time Income As A Freelancer

Are you considering working or yourself as a freelancer? I absolutely loved freelancing in my business as a social media manager. I felt like I had more freedom creatively and with time because I was able to choose my hours and maximize my time so that I can be underworked and overpaid as opposed to overworked and underpaid at a 9-5.

If freelancing is something you are considering I am going to walk you through the steps I went through in order to work from home full-time as a freelancer in the past year.

How To make Full-Time Income As a Freelancer

Decide what your services are going to be

What your going to be do matters a lot. You should be choosing what your services are going to be, not based on what you THINK will pay more, but what you are skilled at. Placing your talents at the forefront along with what you enjoy doing will allow you to make more money by being an expert in your field and allow you to enjoy your work in the process.

Get specified prices

There are multiple ways of doing this. You can charge hourly and charge based on how much time you put in. You could charge based on your value. This is what I prefer because the better you are at what you do, the more you can charge and the more bang you get for you buck. I also would factor in your target audience and who it is you're trying to sell to. Their income will make a huge impact as well on what you decide to charge. More on Target Audience will be in a short while so keep reading.

Grow your online presence

This is where people tend to mess up. You spend so much time behind the scenes that you forget in order to grow as a business, you have to put yourself and your business out there. You need to be on social media like Instagram, Twitter, wherever your audience will be spending most of their time and buying from. Be active on social media and ORGANICALLY grow your following and your audience so as you're ready to launch and promote your services, you have people there to help you spread the word and purchase from you.

Target Audience

This is a BIGGIE. You need to be looking into and reaching out to your TARGET audience. You do not want to be growing aimlessly. You want the people who are following you to be interested in what you do. Knowing you SPECIFIED target audience can be a game changer for you. Once you know who you're trying to serve you can create content BUILT to gain their attention and know that who you are trying to reach has the income to pay for your value.

Be disciplined and productive

This is something that stunts the growth of a lot of budding business owners. You aren't FOCUSING on growing your business. Freelancing or any kind of business really is NOT for the weak. It is a lot of work and hours initially. You have to be willing to sacrifice and pay attention to what you're doing distraction free. It helps to break down tasks you need to do for marketing, budgeting, curating content or anything else and plan accordingly to your days that you can REALISTICALLY get it done.


It is so important to make relevant connections to your field of work and others who do what you do. Why? WORD OF MOUTH IS POWERFUL. There is another social media manager that I am friends with. We've had coffees and shared the burdens of online business together. In our short time as friends we have both recommended each other's services to clients who we aren't necessarily available for. People who do what you do can be way more than just competition. They can also be an avenue of growth for you.

Think like a boss, not a desperate employee

This something I see SOOO many new business owners do and was guilty of myself when I first got started. I know you really want clients but to succeed in business there is a BOSS mentality you need to adopt. Stop giving 50% discounts and letting people pay you next to nothing for your skills when you KNOW that you are worth full price. Stop bending your services and doing things you're not comfortable with for people just to say you have a client. Your IDEAL client will love exactly what YOU do and how YOU do it and will be happy to pay you every penny you deserve. If you're taking on all these trash clients, how will you have room for the amazing ones?

Do amazing work