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How To Let Things (and people) Go That No Longer Serve You

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The truth is, we all hold on to things and people a lot longer than we should. So, I’m going to explain today EXACTLY how to start the process of letting go.

This post is sponsored By Pastor Erik Vance from Floyd Chapel Baptist Church. All opinions are 100% my own.

How To Let Things (and people) Go

1. Think long and hard before letting them go. I have noticed a lot lately how often people are willing to end relationships just because the relationship is having a trial. That is not healthy. It is important that what you’re letting go of is something or someone who is genuinely not serving you and bringing nothing positive to the table.

2. Consider your priorities. What is important to you? What does ”serving you” mean to you? A lot of times we don’t let go of certain things because we feel it is our “duty” to continue to deal with it. In actuality your duty is never to denounce yourself and your Joy for someone or something else. So decide what serves you and meditate on that.

3. Be honest. I know a lot of people try and ghost people with no explanation, but I think that is a disservice both to yourself and the other person. Learning that their behavior has cost them a relationship gives THEM the opportunity to take a good look at themselves and their behavior and also gives you closure.

4. Love yourself. MOST IMPORTANT POINT. You are wonderfully made. Remember that. It is literally self sabotage to allow things to remain in your life past it’s season. You deserve better and so much more. So let go of dead weight and go for it!

Hopefully you found value in this video.

For more value on changes in your life and seasons of change, check out this sermon from this post’s sponsor Pastor Erik Vance. It is titled “The Season Has Changes.” It is spoken in by the church where Martin Luther King Sr. Was ordained (a fun fact).

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Are you ready to release the dead leaves from your life so you can bloom?


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