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How to increase your followers on Instagram

For those of you that don't know, in addition to being a blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer... I am also a social media manager with my own social media management business.

This means I have a look at both sides. I am both an influencer who sells digital products and someone who helps others who sell products and have services they offer.

If you are struggling to grow your social media, here are some ways you can really see some growth in both reach and leads in your business.



How you interact with your audience can be one of the most powerful tactics for building trust within your audience. It's honestly a very simple thing if you're doing it right.

Who to engage with: The potential clients that isn't following you, those who are following you, and similar accounts. Why? Your potential clients will then have you on their radar to follow, engage with, and buy from. Your potential clients can teach you by letting you know what they need from you, will return engagement, will begin to trust you the more you connect with them, and can become long time clients/customers. Similar accounts interaction is important so that you can gain inspiration as well as build connections in your niche. You'd be surprised at how powerful it can be for your business to have allies instead of viewing them all as "competitors".

How often to engage: DAILY. One of our most popular services is engagement services because we can keep you actively conversing online even when you cannot stand to be on social media. Spending 20-30 minutes daily engaging with those you should be can increase all of your growth from reach to website clicks.

How to engage: Comment ACTUAL comments on each platform your engaging with and like at least 3-4 pictures to gain their attention. It's simple. Read the caption. Comment in response to the caption or the photo SENTENCES and QUESTIONS. Not "nice pic" or "great post". That's BS comments and your potential clients and customers know it. Be genuine and start conversations.


The kind of content you want to be creating will be something you have to experiment with to see what your audience prefers and what Instagram is pushing.

However certain types of content will be a win most of the time, especially right now.

Reels: Reels are EVERYTHING on Instagram right now. Between IG reels and tik tok, video marketing has taken over the internet so if you do nothing else content wise, you want to do reels. 30 days of daily posting reels can EXPLODE your following to a pace you wouldn't believe.

Carousels: Carousels with great information on them gives people all the value with none of the reading time. It's perfect for list type tips.

THREE THINGS ALL CONTENT SHOULD INCLUDE: Value (education, tips, hacks), inspiration, and PERSONALITY. If you include these things in all of your reels, copy, and other content... the sky is the limit!


Being consistent is always preached on Instagram but consistency does NOT mean 2 different posts every single day. If you are a normal h