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How To Increase Followers on Twitter

I love Twitter.

I cannot deny or hide it is my favorite platform.

Often Instagram and Facebook are focuses on marketing in business, but you can actually grow your business during Twitter in a big way.

Twitter has a ridiculous amount of users and they talk and share info, so if you play your cards right you can be so successful.



Twitter is no different than any other platform when it comes to engagement. You have to actively build and start conversations. The best part is, keywords on Twitter are huge so you can type some in the search bar and find tweets in relation to whatever it is you ACTUALLY want to talk about and share your expertise on. Example? If you are a skin care line, you can type in "Skin Care Routine" to see what people are talking about and JOIN in! Keep the engagement as organic as possible, and just talk to people.

Who to engage with? Those who are in your niche and target audience, and ANYONE you see asking questions related to what you have an answer for!

How often to engage? I would have to say... a LOT. Tweets don't barely last 20 minutes and you want to be seen as often as possible by as many people as possible. So, engage at least an hour a day. You'll get more bang out of your buck if you spend 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening engaging. If you can engage more, great! But mental health and healthy boundaries matter... so remember that.



As I said before, Tweets do not have a high life span and so you want to be pushing out VALUABLE tweets on a REGULAR. Most experts say post at least 6 times per day, but really if you want the best response I would be tweeting as often as you can possibly consistently give value.

A simple way to do this would be by using Buffer. Buffer is my favorite content scheduler and with a slightly more advanced plan you can schedule up to 100 tweets at once. It keeps me active even when I cannot bring myself to get on Twitter tweeting (as rare as that actually is).

Tweet ideas:

- Tell a story. Threads are extremely popular.

- Tips in your niche.

- Talk about popular events in the media,

- Inspirational Quote

- State some facts and statistics


Twitter is literally almost impossible to "spam". You can tweet a promo 8 times a day, and nobody would bat an eyelash.. take advantage.


My favorite thing about Twitter is that it has EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. No matter what your personality is, the tribe that loves it is ON Twitter. So be yourself. GENUINELY engage with your audience and share things that personally resonates with you. Authenticity is a powerful thing on all platforms.



- Share good, valuable content as ridiculously often as possible.

- Engage like crazy but in a genuine way


Got it? Ok good. To see how to grow your Instagram, check out that blog post here.

Do you feel ready to start growing on Twitter?


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