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How To Have A Successful 2021

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. This means if you choose to purchase something from this blog post I will get a commission. Everything I suggest though I stand behind (That is why not every gift idea has a link). So, it would help me finance this blog, but I promise it's good quality stuff!... ok back to regularly scheduled programming.

2021 is around the corner. And this year was the longest, quickest, most heart wrenching, frustrating, but (for me) rewarding year EVER. It is definitely going into the history books.

If you are someone who is looking to make 2021 one of your best years and go in with the right mindset, you are in the right place.

Here is a blog post where you can learn how to have a successful 2021 by upgrading yourself.



Decide what it is you want to do and decide that you're going to do it. Stop making it a tentative hope, but make the full on decision to fulfill your destiny.

Consistently work on self development

Working on yourself is the KEY to working on your goals and gaining success in your life. Read books that add value to your life (not just love novels or childhood nostalgia). Listen to podcasts that cause you to think or learn. You need to be consuming information and then applying that information to your life regularly. If you are interested in seeing my Amazon list of self development books click here.

Set realistic goals that fit your long term desires.

What is it that you want long term? What are your long term goals? Breaking up those goals and start setting up next step realistic goals that you can start working on now to accomplish them.

Surround yourself with people you can look up to and learn from.

If you are the most put together person in your circle, you're in the wrong circle. Start making connections with people who are doing better than you. Learn from them. Pay attention to how they move.

Stop making excuses

One of the things that everyone does every year is set goals for themselves and then by the end of January they've made so many excuses that they decide they will just try again the following year. The only thing stopping you from being successful is you. It is completely up to you. Some people will hear that and become fearful, but others will hear that and realize it's freedom. Your hard work consistently WILL reap rewards. Nobody being responsible for you also means that nobody can stop you.

Are y'all ready for the new year?

Drop some of your 2021 goals down below.