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How To Handle Failure

Failure is an unavoidable part of life.

It is also a big fear for a lot of us (including myself). It comforts me, however, to remind myself that without failure, there can be no success. Nobody who has ever succeeded did so without failing first.

Some people end up not reaching success because they allow failure to stop and stall them.

So I am writing this blog post so you can start looking at different ways to deal with the failures as you approach them in your life.

How To Handle Failure

Acknowledge AND embrace how you feel

Failure sucks. You may feel angry, disappointed, or other negative things. And that's ok. People don't bounce back like rock stars in two seconds, despite what you may see posted on social media.

Recognize the inevitability of failure

The sooner you accept that failure WILL come, the less trashy you feel when it happens to you. Why? Because it happens to everyone.

Assess what you've leaned

This is where you truly make failures count. It is important to see where you went wrong when failures arise. Why did you fail? What mistakes did you make? And how can you do better next time? Ask yourself and marinate on these questions.

Love on yourself

Self care is the best care. If you are still feeling down about your failure, love on yourself. Whatever that looks like for you.

Create you "Next Steps" plan

Now is the time to stop your wallowing and apply what you've learned. How do you move forward and do better? TAKE ACTION.

Failure is gonna come. But it doesn't have to stay.


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