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How To Gain Clients As A Social Media Manager

I have been running this social media management business for about four years now and I have tried lots of different things to get clients.

As time went by I realized how simply getting clients could actually be and how it was basically about building community, etc.

So I am going to share with you guys exactly how I get my client leads and sign-on clients.

Before we do that.. let me clarify a few things:

  1. All of these tips are from my personal experience and what I have seen has actually had the biggest impact on the growth of my clientele

  2. There is no overnight success strategy so if you're looking for a "get rich quick" version of this.. this isn't the post for you

  3. Only keep reading if you are interested in getting VALUABLE clients that are made for you and you have the discipline to get them!

How To Gain Clients As A Social Media Manager

Get active on social media yourself

I have seen a LOT of social media managers who literally have profiles they aren't active on. The first example of content creation potential clients see is what's on YOUR profile. So show off your creativity, consistency, and quality with your OWN valuable content and strategy. Being active on social media has brought so many client leads simply because I was working on my strategy for MYSELF.

Engage and produce quality content

This kind of goes with the first one but I felt needed its own separate paragraph. Don't just post and go. Would you advise your clients to post and go? No... no, you would not. So, get on there and ENGAGE. If you've created your target audience and persona (which I hope as a fellow social media expert you have) then you know WHO to create content for and engage with. So spend at LEAST 30 minutes a day actively engaging on your social media platforms.

Get in networking groups

This is a struggle for me BUT I have witnessed how impactful it is. When they say your network is your net worth they are NOT kidding. I cannot tell you how often I've gained clients because somebody I met somewhere at a networking event or group thought of me when they heard someone was struggling with social media. If you make 1-3 business besties, you could be getting free promotion from people who have met you and recognize your value!

Carry around business cards

This one is actually kind of new for me, but it is still a VERY underrated tactic. You never know what business you could pass by or business owner you could meet. I was once in a doctor's office and saw that they had an Instagram on their wall. When I looked it up I saw how inactive they were and left my business card. I had a discovery call with them a week later! It's great to keep them thangs on you!

These simple tips have brought me client leads left and right and while they are all simple, they are all impactful.

Do you guys want more tips about gaining clients for your business? Comment down below!


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