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How To Enjoy Halloween During A Pandemic

Halloween is here and some people usually are excited to get all dressed up and scare the crap out of yourselves (I am not crazy about the scary parts but I do indeed love dressing up).

However, due to Covid. it's a wonder if we will still be able to enjoy the holiday.

Here are some ideas for how you can STILL enjoy family with your friends and family!

How To Enjoy Halloween During A Pandemic

Decorate your house like crazy

Social distancing has NOTHING to do with home decor. So feel free to go extra crfazy with decor this year to stay in the spirit!

DRESS UP and have an at-home photo shoot

I intend to get super cute and dressed up and take photos in my home. I am super excited about it. (Follow my Instagram to see those photos @Cherishingflo_).

Scary movie night

Enjoy halloween by scaring the crap out of yourself... I will not.. but feel free lol.


No, it is not safe to go door to door or allow a lot of people to your home but being safe with a good ole trunk-or-treat is definitely a good alternative your kids will love!

Halloween themed snacks

I love snacks and adding some Halloween flare to them will definitely place you in the spirit!

Be a 'mad scientist'

Do some ghoul-y science experiments! I may do some with the kids I nanny for. I am excited about it!

Give and take candy safely

Give candy in a bowl away from the porch. Leave some hand sanitizer and allow people to get candy as you wave to them at a porch!