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How to Double Your Income in 2022

Hey y'all! So, I know it has been a topic quite a bit amongst us millennials and ... whatever them kids after us are.

Everybody is talking about financial freedom and how to ACTUALLY double your income in 2022. Well, whether you are working a 9-5, got side hustles, or is running a business, I have something for you to really start making more money in 2022. The year is halfway over, but trust me, there's still plenty of success to be had in the year 2022.

So let's get into it!

How To Double Your Income in 2022

Do a better job budgeting

I had to get this one out of the way because I have had a lot of people I've known think they need to make more money, but they'd make more and still be broke because they aren't budgeting correctly. Learn money management and how to save and delegate money appropriately and then once you've gotten that together, focus on making more.

Ask for a raise/ Raise your prices

I have been doing what I do for the past four years and it wasn't until this year that I realized I was grossly undercharging for my services and the results they produce. The number of clients my team and I had to handle to make a decent profit was overwhelming and stressful. In reading "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz, I started peeping how common it was also for people who work 9-5's to work years at a job with the same pay. Without EVER asking for a raise and to be paid top dollar for their hard work. Ask for more and more is what you shall receive.

Get a side hustle

I am the queen of side hustles I cannot lie. I babysit. I write therapy notes. I have a YouTube Channel. I have this blog. Side hustles are one of my fave things because they bring extra money and often without extra stress or effort. So, find something you can do on the side (consider your talents) and get to work on it. If you're a basketball player, consider coaching kids to play basketball. If you're into fitness, think of personal training or selling a meal prep kit or something. Get into it!

Sell some old stuff

My younger sister actually put me onto this. She started selling old clothes online which lead me to look at some of the old things that I could sell. In the past month, I have made $500+ just selling old crap online using Facebook Market and there's still plenty of other stuff I intend to sell that I haven't gotten rid of. You probably have so many valuable things that you don't even use. Look into it and you can really start making more money.

Some disclaimers: Here's the thing, if you wanna make more money, you have to be willing to work for it. There is no five-minute, extra 1K a month, get rich quick version of what posts like these are telling you. No, the stuff isn't hard, but it isn't free either. So if you really wanna double your income you're going to also have to:

  1. Get organized with your time management.

  2. Be prepared for a waiting period.

  3. Be patient.

  4. Polish up on skills that will help you succeed.

Multiple incomes are necessary, but not everyone has them because not everyone has the skills needed to run those incomes appropriately.

What are you doing to make more money in 2022?


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