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How To Deal With Online Trolling

If you are an influencer or aspiring to be one, there is a very good chance that at some point or another you are going to deal with an online troll. What is an online troll? A troll is a person who starts drama online or intentionally upsets people on the internet. It's usually done for attention or just because someone is being hateful towards someone else online.

It can be very upsetting, especially for those of us who don't see it coming when it does come. I never will understand why someone would take time out of their day to insult someone else on social media. Even if I can't stand someone or a post I see, I don't waste my time commenting negativity cause that definitely will not lead to positive results in any aspect.

However, that's not what we're here about. If you are experiencing hateful comments online then this is how you should handle it in the future.

How To Deal With Online Trolling

Don't engage or readily react

In other words, fight that urge to defend yourself right away and IGNORE them. These people have no like and therefore don't deserve your response. Their opinion doesn't matter and won't pay a single bill, so act accordingly and pay attention to what pays you.

Make a joke out of it

It's healthy to laugh at yourself/ When haters or online trolls come just to spread their negativity, I tend to laugh and make a joke out of what they've said. At the end of the day, I know and love myself. Nobody else's words will ever be able to change that.


Dassit. That's the advice. BLOCKKKKKKKKKKK.

Know yourself

This is probably the most important part. Learning and accepting yourself as you are will help. Most of the time people make their statements from what they've seen on social media and you know what's real. You know if what they are saying is accurate and it usually is not. Having self awareness kinda allows things to slide right off of you.

When I experienced my first troll I wasn't really sure how to respond, but now I know that I am amazing and my supporters who really love me know what's really up, I realized that's all that matters. Hopefully you implementing these actions against the trolls will become easier with time and you'll learn not to be bothered by them either.

Have you ever experienced hate comments or trolls? Share your experience below!


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