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How To Be Productive without Burning Out

I am all about productivity but I am NOT all about being busy until you have no energy left. That is not healthy and we are all about health over here.

So today we are going to get into how you can be super productive... but also not burn out.

How To Be Productive Without Burning Out

Create clear/cut boundaries

I'll admit I am not perfect about this, but it is important that you pay close attention to what you work load looks like. Have a time to start working on your goals and work load and a time where you are going to stop. It doesn't matter if it isn't completely done or completely perfect. You have to set boundaries for yourself and others as well.


When choosing what tasks to do, you may want to decide what needs to be done right now and what has a heavier impact. For example, I like to schedule my content a month in advance, but if I have something more pressing (like a brand deal or a project for a client) I will schedule client a week in advance and then work on the things that matter most.

Bulk create/plan ahead where you can

The one thing that helps me not burn out is to bulk create things in advance so I am not HAVING to work on it right before it needs to be finished. I schedule all my social media content all at once for the month so that I don't have to worry about doing that and I can focus on other tasks. As social media ideas come to mind, I write them down and leave them until it is time to bulk create again. This method can help you stay ahead of your work (whatever that work may be) at all times.


Outsource what takes up most of your time or what you hate so you can focus on the less draining tasks.

These four simple things can make a huge difference in your productivity.

You ready to start being productive?


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