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How To Be A Successful Influencer

Disclaimer: This content may include affiliate things. This means if you feel so inclined to purchase from the affiliate link, I'll get a percentage (at no extra cost to you). But I wouldn't plug it if I didn't love it, so trust me.. if I am an affiliate, it's lit. Okay, back to our originally scheduled program!

I know being an influencer is hot these days and so everyone thinks it may be too late to start their influencer career.

Well, you are WRONG.

Being an influencer is like being an entrepreneur. There's a lot of people doing it, but new people are reaching success every day and you can become a part of that!

How? Well... let's talk about it.

How To Be A Successful Influencer

1. Decide how you want to influencer people

An influencer needs a message. Your brand should represent SOMETHING. That will help guide you on what kind of brands to work with and what kind of content to curate. It will also help you narrow down your target audience.

2. Learn how to market yourself online

Learning how to market yourself and properly use social media is key when building a influencer career. So to help you out, I have TWO resources for you. The first, is my own Instagram e-course that will teach you step by step how to increase your online presence. Second, is a program that is a BLUEPRINT for increasing your ability to make money as an affiliate (this can be a huge way to make money as an influencer) that you can get here .

3. Create and get to know a target audience

Your target audience will make the difference between posting online and reaching no one and posting online and reaching EXACTLY who will love and follow you!

4. Engage with that audience

Get online and start building genuine connections and relationships with your target audience.

5. Engage w/ brands

Now that you know who to work with, start engaging with them. Don't START with huge brands like Nike and Adidas. Start with brands that are established but still on a small-ish scale. This will guarantee that they have the budget and often the knowledge for influencer marketing and you can start working on brand deals. Comment on their social media, wear brands and show off how you can market for them.

6. Don't give up

Becoming an influencer is not an overnight journey. Like entrepreneurship, it can take a lot. You are running your own business and so sometimes it is easier to take it personally when you're not making money when you are representing yourself and not some other business you don't own. But the moment you quit, you guarantee you won't make it as an influencer.

Using these things has allowed me to work from home full-time, make money to post online, and gain free (awesome) products from brands.

So are you ready to shoot for your influencer career?


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