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How To Be A Great Blogger This Fall

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Welcome to another beautiful blogtober day. Are you a blogger? Are you thinking about how you can improve your blog or how you can just do all of the blogging things and make significant growth?? Well, this post is for you. I am going to talk about how you can be a great blogger this Fall!

How to Be A Great Blogger This Fall

  1. Outline your posts. I am a strong believer in planning. I try to keep a broad outline of what I write about so that you guys aren’t just getting made up thoughts and on the go nonsense that I make up as I go along (even if that is exactly what it sounds like).

  2. Network. Connections MATTER and can make a huge difference in your blogging career. The more you network with other bloggers and brands who work with bloggers the more you learn, the more you are inspired, and the better blogger you become! This is important for the growth and quality of your blog!                                                                                                                                                                        

  1. Bulk write. I bulk record videos for my YouTube Channel in order to make sure I am producing content on time even when I don’t feel like creating and I do the exact same thing for my blog. In fact, when I wrote this it was mid-September and I am not sure when it will come out but I am sure it’ll be in October. During my times of productivity and creative mindsets I bulk outline and bulk write blog posts so that I am always ready to go when it comes to creating content and also so that during those periods where I am not motivated to create, I have things on file to still post. It’s better to be overly prepared then get behind.

  2. Do you research. Whether that is marketing research or just research on the topics you write about. Don’t present your audience with unresearched material. A lot of the things that I share do come from my own personal experience and opinion, but I also do a lot of research so that I am not being blissfully ignorant and passing that ignorance on to my subscribers and readers. Your blog is a representation of who you so make sure you’re representing yourself correctly.                                                 

These are some things I feel can be done this Fall in order to be a great blogger. Basically just simple additions, but it is not necessarily easy to make these changes if you are not already doing them. What are some things you feel can be done to make yourself a great blogger?

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