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How To Be A Good Manager/Employer

Running a business with employees or contractors is not just an "I pay you and so you do what I say" situation.

Entirely too often I have had managers and employers that were trash. Too often I've seen jobs that could be simple and enjoyable if there was better management. Too often I have had to fire clients or quit jobs because the working experience as trash.

Because of this, I made it my business to be the best manager/employer I could possibly be because I wanted anyone who worked for me to enjoy the experience.

Everyone I have ever had work for me has told me they enjoyed the experience (without me asking) and that means a LOT.

So, I decided to discuss the ways I have managed to have happy 'employees' and how to be a good manager to get the best out of the people who work for you.


Be open and communicate

Communication is key in all relationships, employer and employee is no different. The person you hire should know exactly what you're expecting from them. If they make a mistake AND if they are doing a great job, it should be easy to respectfully communicate that with them.

Do not micromanage

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and since I do run a service-based business, I do tend to have clients who have micro-managed in the past. They were fired eventually because that is not a healthy condition to work in. If you hired them, you should trust them to handle their duties accordingly. The people who work for me know what's expected and have deadlines. They also know they can ask me questions anytime... but that's it. I am not about to be breathing down their necks. I check on them a couple of times just to make sure everything is okay, but that is that.

Be a good listener

If your employee is telling you something they are struggling with or they have an issue or concern, LISTEN. Don't have an "I don't care you have to do what you're paid to do" attitude. I've had people working for me who had life happen such as pregnancy, deaths in the family, moving, sickness, babies sick... all types of things and I always listen and provide as much support as possible so that this job they have with me does not have them neglecting themselves.

Be a good leader

Your employee should know what is expected from them, but they should also know what will be expected from y0u. Lead by example. Be encouraging and uplifting. Give advice where you see it is needed and make sure they know that they can look to you for both guidance and support. Being a good leader is key.

Do not overwork or underpay

I believe in salaries. Whoever you hire is adding to your life and how much money they receive should reflect that. Too often business owners are trying to find the lowest amount possible. Keeping your actual budget for outsourcing and hiring in mind, you should make sure that whatever money is offered makes them feel valued in their position. My assistant gets the same amount of money each month, regardless of her off days, her sick days, her time off for the holidays.. because I want her to know what she does is valuable and I appreciate it and want her at her best so she can do her best. It is how I've gotten the best amount of work from those who work for me by making sure they have frequent breaks and are paid well for what they do.

Promote learning and growth

Recently, I started realizing that I wanted to be someone my people can leave (if they ever decide to leave) with more knowledge and additions to their resumes than before. I pay for classes, courses, and send frequent resources for them to learn skills related to their job that will help them be better because investing in those who work for you is actually an investment into your business. It makes all the difference and I am adamant about my workers feeling and doing their best and this is a big part of that.

As an employee or employer, do any of these resonate with you? These are all things I WISH I had received as an employee and make sure to offer as an employer.

Comment below your thoughts!


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