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How To Be A Consistent Content Creator

Being consistent is difficult (and this is coming from someone who struggles with being consistent on a regular basis). However, there is a way to create content and make it simpler to be consistent.

I've implemented some things recently to help me stay consistent because I do this blog, YouTube, and social media + the business. SO creating content can actually a lot, BUT I have found some ways to make is simpler.

Let's get into it.

Organize your ideas

For most of my content on YouTube and the blog, I keep a list of ideas inside notebooks. That way when it is time to create, I have something to pull from and I just add to the list as the ideas come. For social media, I create a content calendar that has the topics and themes that I want to do for the month and that usually makes a huge difference when it comes to creating the content.

Break up the process

Trying to get everything done at once is overwhelming and will make it hard for you to do it consistently. Instead break up your process into steps so that you don't feel overwhelmed and often this will help you get things done quicker. For example: If you are trying to create a YouTube video, bulk record in one sitting. Then, on another day do the editing. Then on another day make thumbnails and work on SEO. Then, you can schedule or make promotional content on another day. If you do all this at once, it'll feel like a lot, but tasked on different days can make it easier on the mind.

Work on your mindset

Stop overthinking it. Sometimes the biggest problem is that we are thinking about the work so much and psyching ourselves out. Consistency is key, but not overworking so give yourself grace and remember that content creation is about letting your creative side out.

Plan things out... then practice discipline

If you're reading this... you're struggling with consistency. A lot of people don't like this, but a big reason most of us aren't consistent is simply discipline. You aren't making your work ethic match your goals. After reading these tips, IMPLEMENT them, and stick to it. No excuses. You are responsible for whether or not shit gets done.

Content calendars, sweetheart

Content Calendars make the content creation soooo much easier. You know what to plug in because it's already there. I create content calendars for all my clients which makes it easier for both me and my team to create content because there's not need to "come up with ideas" in the moment because the content calendar spells it all out.