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How To Balance A Relationship As An Entrepreneur

I recently created a YouTube video (Featuring my boyfriend of 4 years, as of yesterday) and we talked a bit about being in a relationship while I am a business owner who tends to be pretty busy with writing, recording, editing, and social media marketing for myself.... none of this includes what I do for my clients. Then I decided to write about tips On how to balance a relationship as An entrepreneur or business owner for you guys who may have missed it or aren’t video watchers. You can watch the video here.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lot. It can take up a lot of time and if not done correctly can cause friction and end relationships.

So here are some tips on balancing a relationship as an entrepreneur:

How To Maintain Balance In A Relationship As An Entrepreneur

Communicate about the realities of it

Before you start your business or get into a relationship as a business owner, you should be upfront and candid about your commitment to your business so That they aren’t blind sided with late nights or super early mornings that are focused on work instead of them.

QUALITY time together

When you’re together, be TOGETHER. No phones. No business. Just you and your partner. Don’t become that person that can’t focus on your partner at the dinner table because you’re answering emails.

Include your partner in your work

Ask for their opinions. Invite them to review your work. My boyfriend is my biggest fan and I have him pre-approve a LOT of my content and help me take pictures for Instagram. They’ll feel apart and that encouragement you’ll receive from them will bring you closer and push you further.

Learn love languages

Knowing how to love someone the way they receive it makes a HUGE difference and can be vital when you already have to focus so much time on your business or your brand. Knowing how your partner receives love can allow the time spent together be used to fulfill their needs so they feel the love you have for them And don’t feel neglected.

Keep it “spicy”

Do and experience new things together. Whether you’re sexually active or not, there are lots of ways to spice things up. Go on adventures. Play new games. Just try and keep things spontaneous.

Choose your partner wisely

Make sure you’re with someone who will be supportive and have your back. Someone who understands your passions and won’t take to heart that sometimes you’ll be working instead of cuddling. I’ve always wanted to be with someone who is also ambitious or has big dreams because their focus will be on their ambitions and my focus can be on mine and both of us support each other and understand on more levels than one. My boyfriend now is a dancer and wants to teach dance. He works on his craft CONSTANTLY and while sometimes I wish he was available for kisses, I love his dedication. That doesn’t have the be the case for everyone but be sure whoever you choose to be with, understands and supports your dreams fully.