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How To Adult: 5 Things All Adults Should Be doing

WELCOME to a new series for my young bosses out there! I decided that one thing a lot of my peers struggling with is simple adulting. Now am I a perfect full-fledged well adjusted adult? Not even kind of. HOWEVER I am going to share what I have learned in my very short 24 years of life.

SO today we are going to go over five BASIC adult things that every adult need learn.

5 Things All Adults Should Be Doing

Practicing respectful communication.

It is sad how often I see people thinking they are so 'grown' but can't seem to express themselves without yelling or behaving childishly. You can sit down with someone, express an issue, and move on with your life WITHOUT screaming or fighting. As an adult, that should be something you are constantly trying to keep track of.

Taking responsibility for your own life.

We all have been dealt a certain deck of cards. However, no matter who does or doesn't support you, no matter who has done you wrong, your success or lack their of is on nobody but YOU. You are the only person who can decide your fate and place in this world. Blaming anyone else is childish and furthering your future in failure.

Check on loved ones regularly.

I am not great at this myself, but I do believe it is important to make an effort in letting the people who matter in your life know they matter. Life is too short. You should never let yourself get so caught up in your own stuff that you forget to let people know you care.

Continue learning and growing.

You will NEVER know everything. This means that you should never stop trying to learn and keep your wheels turning. A lot of us, as we get older, tend to stop educating ourselves, but the world is forever changing and new things to learn keep coming up. In order to be a better example for those coming up behind us and also for health purposes, we should always be working to expand our minds. No matter our age.

Budget and spend responsibly.

A huge one for adults. It is not easy to learn budgeting, especially when it wasn't always brought up to us in our youth. However, getting your mind wrapped around money responsibility really and truly matters. Credit, savings, bills. It is all a LOT and so as we enter adulthood we have to learn how to budget properly so we don't struggle out here in these streets.

How do you guys feel about this series? Should we do more "How To Adult" articles? Is there any adulting task you want more info on? Comment down below!

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