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How to Actually Start Making Money As An Influencer

Have you been an influencer for a while and you're tired of not even being able to make $100 a month?

Are you tired of feeling like you're depending on others for your influencer career to grow?

I'm not gonna lie... being an influencer is NOT for the weak. You are opening up your life to the public and that can be draining. Then, if you're like me, your engagement can suddenly drop (a ridiculous amount in the past year) and you suddenly find yourself wondering how you're going to make it.

Well.. despite the drop in engagement and my small following I've still learned how to manage to make being an influencer an actual means of income for me. So I wanna share with all you micro-influencers out there how I made that happen.

How to Start Actually Making Money As An Influencer

Decide how you wanna influence

I've noticed a lot of people claim to be influencers but they literally... aren't about anything. Posting pictures with quotes is not enough to actually make money as a legit influencer. Cute pics, but no. There should be a message. A vibe. Something you're offering your audience so they know what your brand is about and so other brands know why they should work with you.

Improve quality without reducing authenticity

Me, personally, I cannot STAND those super aesthetic-y pictures. I don't believe them. BUT if that's you and who you like, GO FOR IT. But be honest. Be yourself. People don't wanna just see those happy moments, but also those silly ones those REAL ones. However, you want to always try and take quality photos and videos for your content.

Start sharing the things you love in a unique way (and tag brands)

Sorry, but in order to be a content creator ... you're going to have to be creative. What are you passionate about? Start talking about it in your own way and your tribe will come flocking to you and so will the brands right for you.

Reach out to smaller-midsized brands that fit your niche

I love how everybody immediately goes "Nike, sign me" but there's money making smaller shoe stores and brands that have the budget to pay and not as many people harassing them to do so. I once made $200 from one static post before I had 10K followers from a small mental health brand. So start focusing on smaller brands you can support their growth, make money (or get free products) for your own brand, and solidify your skills as an influencer for other brands.

Create a media kit

It actually took me a while to want to do this, but it made it so much easier for brands to see my analytics and my growth and how impactful I am, regardless of my following when they could see it in media kit form! Create one and be sure to include your demographics and brands you've worked with before if you've done so.

Be consistent

I know everyone HATES this advice, but it's the truth. You don't have to post every day.... but you've gotta post. That's probably why nobody loves me on my Instagram anymore.. my consistency has been trash BUUUTTTT it's an important way to get your audience to trust you and get the attention of those who wanna give you money


One of the main reasons I make money as an influencer is I am not a one-trick pony. I have both this blog, my YouTube Channel, and my socials and I give FIYAAA on allum (except IG as of late, don't judge). Plus, I sell my own e-books. Selling e-books helped me to diversify the income I make from my brand so that when affiliate sales or brand deals are low... MONAAYYY still coming in.

Don't give up

Any kind of business has its ups and downs. Being an influencer is not an exception. But one sure way to never make money as an influencer is to give up.

What's your brand about? Let's talk about it!


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