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How to Accomplish Your Goals Without Stress

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

It’s CRAZY how easy it is to get stressed out… or is it just me?

We all want to accomplish our goals and be successful, but it can be VERY difficult to do this AND maintain our mental health.


Because of the immense amount of pressure we put on ourselves to succeed AND because we start worrying about what happens if we DON'T succeed.

So let’s take a minute, take a step back, & talk about how to be goal setters and getters WITHOUT being stressed out (and our brains exploding)

How To Accomplish Your Goals Stress-Free

Take it one step at a time

A lot of times, we think about the goal so much we freak ourselves out! Instead, CHILLAX. Write out your goals. Then, break them down into steps. Your focus should only be the very next step. In the words of Anna (in her very underrated song in Frozen 2) DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING. Simple.

Don’t do it alone

FIND YOUR TRIBE! Find the people who have goals and similar interests or struggles to you. There’s something about having an accountability partner or group that can make ALL the difference in the world. It keeps you grounded. It keeps you focused. And it keeps you motivated.

Stop comparing yourself to others

I promise you that girl you THINK started when you did and now she’s suddenly a millionaire, in the best shape of her life, or is super confident has a whole struggle story that you don’t know about. The truth is, everyone’s journey is different. Some are slow. Some are curvy. Some go in a huge circle and seems to start back in the middle. Stay in YOUR lane or you’ll crash watching someone else get off at THEIR exit.

Seek help

This can come in very different forms. You could hire a coach. You could get heavily into therapy. OR you could use Pure Hypnosis | Sean Wheeler. Sean’s hypnosis can help you REALLY accomplish those goals or get over that hurdle you’ve been struggling with. There are some people who have said Sean’s Pure Hypnosis helped them in one session more than therapy did in multiple! Isn’t that dope? If you are someone who is interested in weight loss, Sean’s weight loss hypnosis can help you lose and KEEP off weight. If you’re looking to build self esteem, Sean can help you build confidence you’ve never even imagined!

I love learning about new ways to succeed at my goals so finding out about Pure Hypnosis was both intriguing and awesome!