How I survived BlogTober!

I can’t lie, Blogtober was HARD. Partially because of the normal reasons people would expect: it’s a lot of posts to write, it takes time, it’s a strain on my creativity, etc. Then, there was my more personal and biggest reason: October sucked. This was an extremely difficult month for me. I struggled to stay motivated and fight my depression. I struggled with finances. I struggled spiritually. I had a really hard time trying to move despite how I felt, which is usually my specialty, but girl bossness was in short supply this month.

Mad I say this, I’m sure you’re raising an eyebrow because I did indeed complete Blogtober (well, almost). So I guess I can’t say I COMPLETELY failed and was useless this month, but I had a specific game plan to accomplish Blogtober that worked for me so I could remain consistent. It took a lot of preparation and I figured I would share it with you guys!

How I Survived Blogtober

  1. Outlining posts. Every single Monday, I outlined the posts I wanted to have written ahead of time. I spent a couple of hours just outlining and planning future posts. I didn’t outline for all of them because some of them I did by mainly freewriting. You may have been able to tell the difference, haha. Regardless, I made sure to prepare what I was going to type. I began outlining the week BEFORE Blogtober started.

  2. Batch writing. More and more bloggers are realizing the benefits of this. Batch posting is basically writing a plethora of blog posts and scheduling them in one day so that you’re ahead of the game. Did I sit down and write 10 posts all at once? No. No I did not. I did, however, write a few posts every other day after Monday so that by Friday, I had the next week all finished. So I could stay ahead. For example, I am currently writing this most on a Thursday and it will not be posted until next Tuesday.

  3. Social Media Scheduling. I actually failed a little at this towards the end second half of Blogtober (more lacking in the girl boss area). I usualllu schedule posts on Sundays for the entire week. It keeps me ahead of promotions so that I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to stay active on social media. Being a girl boss means being pretty busy throughout the day, but the goal is to be productive, not busy. So I try to automate and cut down the time of as many things as possible.

  4. Planning majorly ahead. For Blogtober, I had written a content calendar for the entire month. I planned what blog posts I wanted to write and when I wanted to write them. It didn’t all go exactly according to plan, but the guidelines kept me from having to sit and hit my head on the desk trying to brainstorm topics. This may work for me because I am an obsessive planner, but knowing what it is you want to write about ahead of time smoothed out the entire process. We’re going to skip over the fact that because of my planning obsession I have also planned content topics through next year September (I have a problem, I know).

I almost quit Blogtober a couple of times because I lost my motivation to be consistent. Blogtober can be pretty straining and I can see why last year a LOT of bloggers I know dropped out and decided not to do it this year. However, I refused to allow my foolery this month to allow me not to be on it for you guys. I’ve been promising to come back with a self-hosted blog and it took me way too long. This time I NEEDED to be sure to keep my word to be sure to keep my word to you guys.

So how did you guys enjoy it? Did you like Blogtober? Should I do it again next year? Did you guys do Blogtober? Let’s interact! Comment down below!

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