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Home Maintenance Tips You Need To Check

Maintaining a clean home every year might not seem that difficult until you look at your home and figure out what you need to do. What are some of the tips that you need to check into? I have a few must-have tips to help you work on your home every year.

Carbon Monoxide Check: If you have a house full of guests that stay for a few days, many things are happening more often than not. The oven is being used more, the shower and water heater are struggling to keep up and the fireplace and furnace are being used to fight the cold nights. With all of these in overdrive, one thing that is working hard is your carbon monoxide detector. If you don’t have one, put this on your list as soon as possible. Detectors are available at home centers and discount stores around the area. You can find more information about these alarms at your local stores but you’ll want to make sure that they are properly installed to keep your guests, friends, and family safe year-round.

Furnace and HVC- Having a clean furnace and ductwork is important. A clean system can be more energy-efficient and the inspection can alert you to any issues that might arise. Be sure to check and replace your air filters as needed. Test your thermostat to make sure that it works properly and then also see that your heating vents are open and nothing is blocking them which could start a fire.

Gutters: Once leaves fall, call your gutter company to get them inspected and clean. Any repairs that might need to be done should happen before the winter sets in. Schedule the job before you have any heavy snow. If you don’t, frozen leaves and debris can fill up your gutters and make a bigger mess. Before the first freeze, be sure to drain and shut off your faucets outside so they don’t freeze, and roll up your hose and store it for the winter.

Check The Pump Systems: As homeowners, there are a lot of pipes that run through the walls of our home. One of the big ones that you should look into is your sump pump. They help keep groundwater out of your basement so before you go on a long vacation, test your sump pump by filling it with water and making sure that the pump is doing just that. If it does,t be sure that it’s plugged in and check the breaker as well. You could also make sure that there are no holes in the discharge line and that the motor runs smoothly. Consider getting a backup battery to your pump so that it does function if you were to have a power outage at any time. This is a big ordeal with summer storms rolling in from time to time.

Image: Scorpion Septic

Septic Tank: You may not think that your septic tank needs looking at it but it really does. How can you check it and make sure everything is running smoothly? Call in the experts at Scorpion Septic. They offer quality services including exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what type of service you are searching for, they guarantee customer satisfaction and help manage the project with skill and experience for their clients. They are insured and licensed as well as certified to resolve not only small septic tanks but large septic pumps near Dallas, Georgia.

While you are looking around your home, take note of what is needing to get done right away, what an ait, and what you can do yourself. If you do need to hire someone to assist you, call in a professional to give you peace of mind. Do your best not to take on too many projects, plan out your needs and wants, and hang tight to make your home look its best.


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