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Have I Outgrown Blogging?

I have taken some time away from blogging. Trying to decide if I was going to walk away from it all.

This may sound crazy to you guys because most people who have known me longest, knew me as a blogger first.

Well, not I have gotten into all sorts of things and am wondering if maybe I have outgrown blogging or lost my love for it a bit....


I started blogging in 2017 using the name Cherishingflo. I had blogged on and off before then but it never really amounted to anything but me just rambling on online.

When CherishingFlo was born, it grew into something so much more. I started making money using social media. I started growing on Instagram (to now 11K followers). I started meeting other influencers before I even knew what the term influencer even meant.

Then, the YouTube Channel was born. I found myself growing my brand in new lengths. My social media business became a thing and took over my life.

Next thing I know, the other parts of my brand started to overpower blogging. Blogging started to feel more like work. I started to wonder if maybe I was over blogging.


Before anything else, there was writing. When I first started my blog, I was typing it out on my phone, but expressing myself through words has always been my first love.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I used to write novels in my notebook about Vampires and werewolves when I was in elementary school (I was always pro werewolf myself). I started writing in a diary as soon I knew how to write.

Writing has always been a huge part of me and when I pictured my future since I was in as young as in kindergarten... writing had always been a part of it. I even enjoy the sound of typing on my phone and I love the way a pen to paper feels in my hands.

So why haven't I been writing?


It first occurred to me that I was done with blogging toward the end of 2020. I no longer wanted to write up blog posts and when I got sponsored post emails I would roll my eyes if they were connected to my blog.

I think it kind of began when I started focusing on the design of each blog post and felt detached from the words. I needed to add pictures (or so I was told) and I needed to make ti look all pretty... but to be honest I am not a visual person so doing this was actually a little annoying for me.

Then I started writing another e-book about finding your passion (this will be announced in more details soon). I realized my love for writing has gone absolutely nowhere.

I still love writing, but I was beginning to feel forced. I started to feel like I was writing as a job and not as something I love anymore.


The short answer is no. But I have decided that I will no longer put pressure on myself to write as much as I was before and make it more about the writing itself and the quality of writing. And I am also going to take more care to separate CherishingfloMedia from Cherishingflo the influencer because while the two are both very much me, one will always end up overshadowing the other if I continue to have them on the same page.


Cherishingflo Blog is here to stay, but there will be some changes.

  1. I will not only be posting once a week. No more pressure to post twice a week or more. Once a week and only producing content in truly passionate about.

  2. I will be getting back into the blogging community. I disconnected unintentionally & will be reconnected immediately and connecting with other bloggers.

  3. I will be listening to you guys a whole lot more. More about what YOU wanna see me write about. Positivity, self development, business, girl bossiness, ALLAT. We are going to get back to being a REAL community.

  4. I will also not be so focused on the "prettiness" of each post. I may soon hire someone to add the graphics and format the posts as pretty as possible. But I, myself, will not be putting so much energy into that.

2021 is going to be about rebuilding this community. I will be going through and deleting some blog posts that just are no longer me.

Comment below your thoughts and anything you wanna see from me!


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