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Freelancer VS. CEO... what's the difference?

I've seen it debated a lot lately.. especially as I have begun to work on the Freelancer to CEO series on my channel.

Being an entrepreneur is not the same as being a freelancer and for some reason, freelancers struggle to accept that. Why? I suppose it is seen as a takeaway from being a business owner, but being a business owner and then being an entrepreneur isn't the same.

Freelancer VS. CEO

The key difference between a CEO and a Freelancer is your role in the business. As a freelancer, you can very well be your own boss.. but oftentimes you're still trading time for money.

A CEO is someone who has the mindset of time and money being of equal value. A CEO will not sit and work hours throughout their day to make money when they can delegate tasks and STILL make money.

A freelancer can work hourly where a CEO charges the worth of the project or service even if it won't take them a significant amount of time to complete.

The reason I am clarifying this is because I am on the journey from Freelancer to CEO and in doing so I am already noticing a difference in mindset that I am needing to develop.

I used to focus on working and accomplishing tasks when now I am working on the overall business growth and how I can best delegate tasks so that I can save time while not sacrificing money for the business. As a CEO, the focus becomes on how to make more by working less.

Why am I making this change?

I am not gonna lie, I see nothing wrong with being a freelancer. You do work on your own terms and you can work from the comfort of your home, but I realized it's really not different ENOUGH for me from a 9-5. I don't want to work under the conditions of someone else. Freelancers often have to clock in and out for their clients or time their hours. Freelancers often have to work at certain hours of the day.

As a CEO, delegating tasks and prioritizing saving time, I find that I actually have even more freedom. As a freelancer, I did have some freedom and because of the nature of my business I could work whenever I wanted, but as a CEO, there are days when I could choose not to work at all and not have to make up for it hourly the next day.

Also, as the CEO of my business, I open the doors to expansion and hiring more and more people so that I can offer jobs to others in a positive working environment. My goals are now a lot larger than just making enough money to work from home full time. I've made it there and now I want to bring enough money into my BUSINESS that I can employ others and put on those close to me so they can work in an environment they love.

The mindset is really the biggest change and it is indeed one of my favorite things about pushing to be more of a CEO than a freelancer.

Follow my journey

I am documenting the growth and journey of my business on my channel, calling it the Freelancer to CEO series. I will be sharing things like how to choose a team, who to hire, how to run team meetings, how I am growing this business from scratch, and more! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out!


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