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Fall Nighttime Routine Ideas

I love the Fall. I won't lie and say it's my favorite season (I am indeed a Summer lover), but I will say it is a close second.

I love the colors, the scents, and more.

So in honor of the Fall season and my falling into new routines, I decided to share some nighttime routine ideas with you guys based on things I have tried and loved.

Share some of your ideas in the comments!

Fall Nighttime Routine

Soft music and skin care

This sounds like two different ideas, but the combination of listening to soft music while doing your skincare routine is ridiculously relaxing and definitely worth deep diving into. It can help wind you down so you can relax and prepare for a calm evening.

Lighting scented candles

I love me some scented candles. Especially ones that calm my nerves at night. I have anxiety and that often tends to impact how well I sleep at night. So lighting calming scents can help me to relax


Doing a brain dump at the end of the day or the beginning of the day has always been super beneficial for me. Ending my day by brain dumping or just sharing my thoughts and feelings about the day helps me get it out of my system so I am not going to bed with a bunch of stuff on my mind. If writing doesn't help, sometimes talking it out in a recording does.

Glass of wine

If you are a wine drinker such as myself, adding some wine to that listening to music can be a VIBE. I like to end my day with a glass of wine on my balcony with some gospel music playing. It puts me in a relaxing state of gratitude and that is the best mood to fall asleep in.

Talk to a loved one

Having some time with faces and voices you enjoy can be exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day at work. I text my friends mostly and share with them my wins and vice versa, but on occasion, I will receive or give a call to someone close to me to chit chat.

Cleaning ritual

This might be a weird thing, but I thoroughly enjoy cleaning at the end of my day. The cleaning process isn't all that, but there's just something about walking away from my common areas when they look all nice and clean that brings me joy.

Prepare for the next day

Getting my clothes picked out or my workplace set up for the next day is a huge way I choose to be productive at night. It makes me feel accomplished and helped me out in the morning. Knowing I am ahead of my day also helps me to relax (Maybe my Type A personality?)

Read a book

Even though I love to read, I cannot deny it makes me really tired. I try to read before bed instead of watching TV (which does not always happen) and it helps me to feel drowsy a bit faster and I am more likely to fall into a deep sleep.

Bedtime snack

I am pretty sure this isn't the healthiest thing, but I love a good midnight snack. A good snack can make me go to bed full and happy.

Take a shower/bath with your mood set

On a hard day, I LOVE a nice bubble bath with some music (or some Spongebob) and candles with a lit blunt or glass of wine. It helps me feel calm. But also taking showers with candles lit and the lights off with music also is a vibe and helps me relax in the evenings too. Choose your vibe, but it is a vibe nonetheless.


On nights I do this, I notice I sleep better. I admit I don't do it nearly often enough due to simple laziness, but I never regret getting it done.


A big part of my manifestation journey includes visualizing my goals. I practice imagining myself where I want to be in great detail. I visualize my income, my clients, my business, my brand, my YouTube Channel, this blog, everything exactly how I want it to be. It is like having happy thoughts before bed.

Something about Fall gives relaxing vibes and so I wanted to share my relaxation nighttime routine ideas with you guys.

Which on the list was your fave?


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