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Fall Night Routine: Girl Boss Edition

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Before we even start this blog post… I have to share that before I proofread this post the title read “Fall night routine: Girl Boss ADDITION… fix it Jesus. Anywho… If you read my Morning Routine post then you will know that I strongly believe in routines and properly preparing yourself. You would also know that this blog post is coming. (Go read if you like routine posts). I believe that one of the best ways to properly prepare for your day is to properly prepare for your night.

So, we are going to run through my updated night time routine that I believe has been the best one I’ve had so far to prepare me for my next, early morning.

Fall Nighttime Routine

  1. Check my daily goals. I end my work day with checking my goals and seeing what on my to-do list I accomplished. This helps me to plan properly what should be on my to-do list the next day. I never stress what I didn’t get done because I always make sure to properly prioritize my tasks.       

  1. Eat dinner. I shouldn’t have to explain why I do this… but I will say that I am currently in the process of learning how to eat properly and ignore my urge to be lazy and order takeout.

  2. Shower and skin routine. My skin routine consists of just a nighttime facial cleanser but I am working on getting something a little more specific.                                                                                    

  1. Clean up around the house. This is the time where I tidy up. I put away anything in disarray. I make sure the lights are out everywhere. At this time I still wouldn’t have even have taken off my towel because I usually start as soon as I leave the bathroom.

  2. Pick out clothes for the next day. This takes me awhile which is why I ATTEMPT to do this every single night. Sometimes it changes the next day due to weather.                                                   

  1. Drink a cup of tea. Warm beverages calm and soothe me. That is one of the main reasons I became addicted to coffee. I love hot drinks. So, in order to calm my nerves I drink some sleepy time tea.

  2. Fall asleep watching Gumball. If you know me, you know I have a very hard time falling asleep in silence. You would also know that I think the cartoon Gumball is absolutely hilarious. So, in order to fall asleep, I play Gumball in the background and laugh until I drift off. I am a strong believer in shutting off electronics, but I also believe that sometimes background noise for some of us can be helpful to fall asleep.                                                                                   

My nighttime routine is simple. It doesn’t take a great length of work. It isn’t magical. But it does allow me to feel prepared for the next day and start my next day fresh. It also cools and relaxes me so that I go to bed feeling like I have accomplished all that I need to and am soothed properly. So, what is your nighttime routine? Let me know down in the comment section down below!

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