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Fall Morning Routine!

Fall mornings are among some of the amazing things about this season. I love that cool air that collided with the sun on my skin. The feeling is indescribable and it’s a feeling you only get around this time. I did create a Fall Nighttime Routine. So I thought it made sense to create one for the morning. I didn’t originally have a morning routine, but I knew I needed one and this was just an excuse to create it. I’m a morning person so coming up with a morning routine was actually a lot of fun and easy.

Morning Routine

First thing I do I’m the morning is pray. I immediately take the time to pray and thank God for waking me up. Before I had a routine, this was definitely an every day behavior.

Then, immediately I will get some tea or coffee (whichever I’m allowing myself to have because I take frequent breaks from drinking coffee). This is probably not the healthiest thing to do as a part of my routine, but if people want the best out of me throughout the day, then caffeine first and human interaction, second. Before anyone says anything, I do drink a glass of lemon water while I’m waiting on my coffee or tea to get warmed and finished.

After drinking my coffee, I go ahead and start devotion. The reason why I do this after caffeine is because I need to wake up and have my complete focus and attention on what I’m reading when I’m doing devotion. It lifts my mood up and I don’t want to do my devotion in a negative spirit.

Then, I begin my morning workout. This looks different depending on how I’m feeling that day. Usually, I just do yoga. I love yoga. It helps with my many back problems (too young for back problems, trust me, I know). It helps me feel more energized and clear minded throughout the day. Plus, flexibility and strength is always nice. On the days I don’t do yoga, I try to do SOMETHING. Sometimes, rarely, I’ll go on a morning walk. I’ll do inside workouts sometimes. I am not a gym person, so I don’t have a membership anywhere because I know I won’t actually go to it and if I do, I’ll be miserable. I have workout DVD’s that I NEVER use, but yoga is usually enough to keep me moving.

After this I begin what I am going to call my bathroom routine. This basically is just me going to go brush my teeth and Doing my morning face routine. Just like in my night routine, it isn’t some crazy step by step process. I use this morning burst cleanser that I got from Walmart.

Once that is all done I do my hair routine. That is pretty much me spritzing my hair with my hair bottle that I pre-make on Sundays. Usually it’s just a couple of oils my hair likes and some water. It keeps my hair moisturized and it grows faster when I do it. Once I’ve wet my hair, I’ll either style it (meaning put it in a ponytail) or I’ll leave it be. I usually choose the latter because it’s easier and ponytails never turn out how I wanted.

Then, I will work for a couple of hours and try to get an appetite going. I usually spend the early mornings on blog related things, or scheduling and prepping some clients accounts. Regardless, I put in a couple hours of work before going to go make myself some breakfast. Then, after breakfast, I’ll go right back to working.

This is my current morning routine. It is kind of just how my mornings fall, it was hardly an intentional set out plan for maximum productivity. There are a lot more things I want to squeeze into my mornings so that I can maximize my time better. Productivity has become highly important to me and is something I’m actively working on. Not to mention, I want to start waking up at 5AM, which is going to mean waking up almost 2 hours earlier than I do now. So, when I start implementing that, I will have an entirely different morning routine for productivity for entrepreneurs and at home workers. Is that something you guys are interested in? I’m trying to decide if I should make it a video or a blog post. Your thoughts?

So what is your morning routine? Do you have a routine or do you kind of just go with the flow in the morning? Share down below!

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