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Criticism — everybody has an opinion who will you listen to?

It is important that we accept criticism in business and in life. HOWEVER it is also important that we don’t listen to EVERYONE‘S criticism.

I follow certain rules when it comes to advice and criticism that keeps me from listening to certain people. You have to know who it is that is going to give you valuable information. So here are some questions your should ask yourself before you listen to advice and criticism about a subject:

What authority does this person have to speak on this?

Do they have a degree in a related topic? Are they experienced in any way that makes them educated on the topic? Or are they basing their advice and criticism on their personal preferences and not on any expertise leveled knowledge whatsoever? It Doesn’t mean they don’t mean well, but their advice isn’t as relevant or useful if they don’t know about what they are talking about.

What are their motives?

Is it to help? Is it to involve themselves in your business? Is it to be nosy? If someone is spewing negativity towards you and the things that you’re doing it’s likely that it isn’t criticism that's constructive, it’s just negative energy. And it’s important to know the difference.

Are they in a position you want to be in?

My biggest motto is, I don‘t take advice from anyone who isn’t in A position in life I want to aspire to be in. Maybe not in every aspect but in SOME aspect. If you aren’t any place I would like to be, why would I want to follow in your footsteps?

These are important questions to ask yourself. Sometimes you have to be willing to not take business advice from people You love like your mom or your best friend. Why? Because they don’t know anything about your field of work, so how can they tell you which path is best?

That doesn’t mean ignore them or cut them off. What it means is listen and compartmentalize appropriately. Accept kind words and advice with good intentions but don’t implement things that aren’t something done and advised by experts in your field and by people who have already accomplished what you’re tryin to get done.

So tell me, who do you take advice from?