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Can You Grow Your Business Using Twitter?

I get this question quite often, and recently it has become more apparent to me how few people realize just how IMPACTFUL Twitter actually is.

Short answer? HELL YEAH.

In fact, the majority of my leads for my blog, social media management business, and YouTube Channel come from Twitter!

Twitter is about connection. It is about conversation and it differs from other platforms because the visual aspect is not an issue.

A. Twitter is more about words than pictures. So, you can post value utilizing words and grow a real community.

B. Twitter is about community. Community building is the true pathway to long-term success. Twitter has a community for every niche you can think of from crochet to porn, to cryptocurrency. You can be an influencer with any niche, a beauty blogger, anything and there is an audience to be found on Twitter.

C. You don't have to worry about "over-promoting" yourself on Twitter. First of all, a tweet's lifespan averages 19 minutes on Twitter. This means you can tweet something every 20 minutes and it will not be too much for Twitter. You can create threads, sharing your expertise and why you THAT GUY/GIRL in a certain niche as many times throughout the day as you want (of course don't repeat word for word cause that screams unoriginal and nothing to say)

D. Twitter isn't super professional and aesthetics don't matter. Because Twitter is not a space for pictures (although you can utilize them), you don't have to worry about quality meaning "business-y". Personality is what attracts on Twitter so you can literally be your most raw self while sharing value and Twitter will eat it up!

So, how do you use Twitter for business?

Connect with others

As I said, Twitter is all about community and connection. Getting on Twitter and just simply engaging with and talking to 100 people a day can create so many connections you won't believe the leads!

Tweet all the time

You read about that lifespan, right? TWEET. Tweet about any and everything related to your niche. Tweet like you're having a conversation with a friend and sharing tea.

Give hella info

Sharing your knowledge and breaking it down using threads and in conversations (spaces, community groups, etc.) are some of the best ways to solidify your expertise and find potential clients/customers/supporters that will value you and everything that you do!