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Building A Team as A Business Owner

This is honestly a lot easier said than done. I can admit it.

I was someone who worked my business as a one-woman show. Did we grow? Yes. Was I making money? Yes. But I was always wearing a dozen hats and worked too many hours in a day to be able to enjoy the money I was making or even take a second to acknowledge it.

Then, in 2020 when the world went to shit... I made a change. I hired my first Virtual assistant.

The experience? HORRIBLE with that first assistant... I did an entire storytime on my channel about it (can watch it here). However, I didn't give up and hired somebody else.


Since outsourcing minimal tasks was tedious and frustrating for me... I became hyper-aware of how VALUABLE it was to delegate tasks. I began planning to build a team for my business.

I knew it would cost money, but more money could be made. The time and freedom I was getting was something that was irreplaceable.

Now I have a team of about 3-4 people and am looking to increase it even further by the end of this year.

Now, I don't worry about ANYTHING but the parts of my business where I feel it is my bread and butter. I absolutely LOVE creating new content and writing my tweet and caption writing packages for my clients, but emails? Hate them. Formatting blogs and scheduling content? Hate it. Editing my own reels and videos? Hate it. And so... I don't do it!

In fact, my business is BASED on helping people save time. All of my clients save time on content creation, strategies, engagement, and website design when coming to CherishingfloMedia. I love all those things, but if you don't or they are taking up too much of your time, how will you focus on the things that come easily to you? The things that made you START this business or brand in the first place.

The more you outsource, the more free your mind is, and the more money you can actually make. It is a beautiful process.

Wanna learn how to begin the process of choosing a team for your business? I am going to be doing a series on my YouTube Channel breaking down how to build and manage a team in business. Go Subscribe so you don't miss it!

Have you begun outsourcing in your business? What's the first thing you're going to pay to NOT have to do?


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