Blogtober Day 1: CherishingFlo is Back! Where Have I Been?

In case you already know who I am

You guys… I’M BACK! You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much I’ve missed blogging and missed you guys! I have, of course, been keeping up with the CherishingFlo YouTube Channel  , but OMG I missed blogging so much it’s insane. And to think…. I’m launching with BLOGTOBER!!! This is so fantastic and amazing. I know you’re probably wondering why I’ve been gone for so long and I WILL explain!

  1. One of the reasons being that planning to go self-hosted took a lot more than I expected! I wanted to do the kind of self-hosting that was right for me. It wasn’t an easy decision to make! Then, I started a business with a couple of beautiful ladies called Social Peach and that’s taken up a lot of my time as I write for our blog , and I am in most of the videos on our YouTube Channel. So that’s pretty time consuming. Plus, I am a freelance social media manager and consultant and a professional blog writer for a living. Not to mention ANOTHER channel, a couples channel, that me and my love started (if you’re from the original blog then you know exactly who I’m talking about). We post twice a week on there. Once a week on Social Peach’s channel is also a must. So, I had a LOT going on all at once and I needed to find time management and I FINALLY HAVE!

I know you’re thinking I may be spreading myself thin, BUT one of the reasons this blog took so long to launch is because I wanted to make sure that I always had time for self-care and had time for me. I promise you, I am not over exerting myself. It sounds like a lot to others, but to me, it’s how I like things. I like to have my hands in fifty different things. I have more free time than people would think because I know how to focus and utilize my time properly. Which is something I intend to start sharing with you guys more in the future!

So if you were a subscriber to my blog before, WELCOME BACK and thanks SO MUCH for all of your continued support!

In case you’re completely new and have never heard of me…

HELLO, and thank you for checking out this post! I used to have a blog called “Cherishingsecrets” that was WordPress hosted. It started off with just me venting about this, that, and the other but then I realized that I found myself enjoying posts and getting more passionate about posts involving self-development and positivity and being a girl boss! So that’s where I ended up going with it. As time went on, a LOT has happened in my life and I’ve gone through a LOT of changes.

As you probably read earlier, I am a part of a lot of different things. I keep myself pretty busy. Honestly, busy isn’t the word. I think I’d say I keep myself pretty productive. I’m a very on the go, get things done kind of girl which you will learn. I am passionate about blogging, writing in general, social media, and my YouTube channels. It means a great deal to me.

Another thing I want to let you know about me is that I’m starting all of the things I’m starting from scratch. I started my blog writing all of my posts on my phone. I record and edit my YouTube videos on my phone. I want to make sure that I share the message that you do what you can with what you have and you WILL succeed as long as you don’t give up. That’s a big part of my belief system and I am choosing to start from the bottom instead of waiting until I have all of the fancy equipment. So, you’ll be here along the journey if you join the CherishingFlo Fam!

so what now?….

I decided to go self-hosted and so I decided to cut ties with my old website completely. A lot of other bloggers told me that I should try my best to transfer posts, but I decided I wanted to start completely fresh! I want to grow from scratch. I want to start WITH AN EMAIL LIST! I want to try to be more of myself and less of every other blogger that I saw. So, if you decide to subscribe (and I hope you do), you’ll see me stumbling through life and sharing all of the tips and tricks every girl boss (or guy boss I suppose) should know! That includes self-development, positivity, and how-to tips! I have a LOT in store for you guys so definitely sign up for the email list!

I am doing Blogtober so you will get posts from me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For the entirety of this month! I am super excited you guys and hope you enjoy this journey as much as I intend to! After Blogtober, I’ll be posting every Monday morning at 9AM EST.

I am so glad you guys decided to click on this link that brought you here today! I appreciate each and every one of you and I’m SUPER excited to see where this blog goes! You ready? LETS GO!!

Stalk my social media!! Twitter: 📸Instagram: 🖋Facebook: CherishingFlo YT Channel: Couples YT Channel:

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