Blogging VS. YouTube

As you know, I am both a blogger and youtuber. I began blogging first and didn’t start my YouTube channel Until earlier this year. When I created the channel I didn’t expect it to be too different from what I experienced in the blogging community. Well, I was wrong. There were similarities, sure, but it was like virtual culture shock in a way when I delved into the YouTube community. Don’t get me wrong. I love both communities. They are just very different from each other in ways that I didn’t expect when beginning.

Blogging vs. YouTube

  1. The blogging community is a lot more supportive and kinder to each other. I’m not saying that everyone in the YouTube community is mean and harsh, but YouTube in itself is a lot tougher of a crowd. I am a part of Facebook groups for both YouTube and the blogging community. I can count on one hand, possible just a couple fingers, how many times I’ve seen bloggers be rude to each other in these groups. However, in the small YouTube community, I have seen people rip into each other. I have seen youtubers call each other names because of things like asking for subs. I don’t agree with sub4subs either, but I also won’t snap on some 13 year old who asks for it in a public group. I’ve seen negative comments in the YouTube community and while I’m sure they exist in the blogging community, I’ve literally never seen a blogger comment a rude comment under another bloggers post. If you’re a Youtuber, don’t be offended. I have also met a lot of friendly and supportive youtubers. I have made some friends in the community. But I did notice a huge difference between the two when it comes to kindness and support.

  2. The interaction feels more direct on YouTube. When I am checking out other bloggers I see their posts, I’ll comment, subscribe sometimes, but then that’s it. Usually, unless I decide to follow the, on all of their social media (which sometimes I do) I have no idea what they even look like. It won’t even cross my mind. With Youtube, you get a more personal touch. You hear voices and see personalities. It’s easier to connect with a person on YouTube (for me) because I can see how well relate to each other based on their behavior. Pictures and blog posts can give a great look into people’s personality, but it’s not as personable as a video. That was a change I really enjoyed in the YouTube community.

  3. Both take a great deal of research. Keywords, SEO, and all other things is something I found really wasn’t all that different. I make outlines for videos as well as blog posts. I make content calendars for both. The process is very similar. I spend a great deal of time researching and deciding on what topics are best to do next. I hate keyword searching and SEOngives me a headache, but I know that it’s Important for both blogging and YouTube. People don’t talk about the importance of it as much on YouTube, but when it comes to descriptions and titles, your keywords are vital. After blogging, researching things like that was second nature so it wasn’t too much of a challenge to apply it to YouTube as well.

As I said before, I love both YouTube and Blogging. Some people I know want to be influencers, but don’t know which one to do. I can honestly say that if you love both, do both. Do whatever it is that you think you’ll enjoy doing. They won’t be the exact same so you may find yourself loving different things about each like I do. Don’t limit yourself. If you would prefer personal connection and you don’t mind editing, go with YouTube. If you love writing, then blogging is definitely for you.

What are some differences you notice in the blogging and YouTube communities? Do you have experiences that differ from mine? Comment down below!

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