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Blogging Goals for 2022

If you’ve been a subscriber to this blog for a long time then you know… I love this blog.

I love you guys.

I‘ll say this till I can’t no more but EVERYTHING that is my brand: My Channel, my social media management business, my digital products… it all starts with THIS blog.

One of the things I love to do for this blog is set goals every week, month, and YEAR. So today we are going to talk about the latter!

I am going to share my blogging goals for 2022 and I’m EXCITED!


Hire help

Technically, I do have help from my lovely assistant who edits these blogs (thanks sis). But I would like an SEO expert and would like to be able to afford one I can bring on to make sure my blogs are top tier with the SEO cause SEO really just irks my nerves!

Double my blog income

I actually didn't include this as a goal this year but STILL increased my blogging income and I lovvvvvveeeee the love I get from this blog just UGHHH you guys are lit! So next year I wanna increase affiliate sales (cause this year it was just not it lol, but mostly my fault) and I wanna definitely start bringing in more sponsored posts. This year the sponsored content was DOING THE THANG and so I wanna build off that momentum and grow!

Triple my audience income

My blog does well but I want to exceed all expectations and Norms next year and take this blog up two more notches! Which I’m super hype to do!

Increase the quality of my content

I love my blog and I want to CONTINUE to elevate it and create better and better content for you guys!

Master my affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is how I STARTED making money online, but then because I started making it in a different way, I stopped trying with affiliate marketing. ABOUT TO CHANGE. I want to get both sponsored content and affiliate marketing top-tier a piece!

Upgrade my website and equipment

There’s so much I wanna do so I wanna get another camera to take my own stock photos and I wanna get another laptop that is better than the one I have. I love it!

I love blogging so much and I have big goals and expectations for myself in 2022 so I need all of YOU to Hold me accountable!

Y’all ready? Comment down below if you’re a part of the team & the journey!

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