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August's Highlights

I loooooove this time of the month because GRATITUDE.

The truth is, August was actually a difficult month from me. I took some major L's and struggled with motivation, sickness, imposter syndrome, etc.

This is why blog posts like these are so important to me because it is a reminder for you guys AND for me that gratitude is extremely important and precious.

So, make sure after reading this blog post you comment below and share your wins for the month as well!

August Highlights

Hired a new assistant

I've been needing one for quite some time but didn't quite have the income... WELL I DO NOW!! And I am really excited to start working with the extra help.

Expanded my business

Along with adding an assistant to my team, I have also hired a web designer and will now be offering website design as a service for CherishingfloMedia (reach out if interested). I also will be doing social media audits which has been asked for quite a bit and I cannot wait to start this service!

Overcame Covid_19

That's right y'all... I had the VID. It was actually quite an awful week and it made it hard for me to do anything but I am alive and well and I am SO grateful because so many have lost their lives.

Gained Brand deals

Y'all and FOR THIS BLOG. I've been diving more into sponsored posts for my blog and YouTube as I continue to grow on here and it has been so impactful and I am so excited! I am hoping to keep up this momentum and increase the income we are making from this blog whoop whoop!

Increased my credit score

I have been on this credit journey since around this time last year. I got myself a credit card and started doing the Self Rebuilder Loan. I am definitely excited to share a blog post (coming soon) about Self Rebuilder and how it impacted my credit but regardless, my credit has increased and I am super excited about the growth.

Overall, I have a lot to be proud of this past month. An honorable mention being that I saw super great growth in all of my client's social media accounts.

Share some of your August wins below!


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