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August's Blessings/Highlights

I absolutely love this part of the month because I can reflect on all my wins and blessings.

I also enjoy sharing this with you to encourage you to also count your blessings and highlights!

Let's get straight into it!

August's Blessings/Highlights

Gained new clients

The leads have been flooding in for CherishingfloMedia JUST IN TIME for us to start pushing the discounts for next month (stay tuned and join the email list for more info on that!). I am so grateful for each new client and I have been loving the new industries we've been working with. IN FACT, one of our clients asked us to play a bigger role in their business because of the job me and my team has been doing and it has been TOP NOTCH!!

Got back on my shit

I can be honest in saying I was slacking and it was impacting my brand and my business. I've been a little slack since 2022 started, but it got worse towards the end of April and I am FINALLY picking myself back up. Depression been trying it, but we not letting him win and I am finally getting back to me and focusing on my growth in this business, brand, and consistency.

Got to see my niece get blessed AND my sister get re-baptized

Shoutout to my assistant and my sister and one of my best friends, Ryan! Not only did she start her blog (you can check it out here), but she got rebaptized when my wittle niecey-pooh got blessed! It was so beautiful to see and it was a weekend of family and love and I was glad to be apart of it.

I got to posting on YouTube again

I was able to get back onto my channel and I am super excited about it! We back outchea with both business and girl boss videos on Tuesdays and Lifestyle videos on Friday! Y'all ready? Let's get it!

My best friend is alive....

Y'all know me and my best friend are long distance and so I got to see her this past weekend and I misssseeeddd her. Unexpectedly, we woke up Saturday morning and she was having trouble breathing, was out of breath from just standing up, and her chest was tight. We rushed her to the emergency room, and found out she had a blood clot that had reached her heart. She was literally dying. I have never been so scared in my entire life. I thought I was about to lose my best friend in the entire world... but i didn't. God was with her and we made it just in time to do something about it. She had surgery and was texting me about how hungry she was within a few hours. More than anything on this list... I am grateful to still have my friend.

Overall August has been a WONDERFUL month and I am overcome with gratitude and seeing as to how September is my birthday month... I am hype to see what it has in store!

What are some of your highlights for the month of August?


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