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Are You Waiting On God Or Making Excuses?

Storytime: My boyfriend before my current love was the KING of being "spiritual" and "connected" to God and all of those things. It used to be my favorite thing about him until I realized... he used his so-called relationship with God as a crutch.

Let me be clear: I LOVE ME SOME GOD! No cap. No games. He has done too much for me not to love him... but I am also a STRONG believer in faith without works is dead.

Now, my ex, (let's call him Xavier) and his mom used to say they were waiting on God to make moves. They both had big dreams and I was always so for it because they had talent... but then I noticed some patterns.

Xavier wanted to be a dancer/singer... never posted a single dancing or singing video and when he did dance studios and competitions he would continuously leave as soon as he didn't like somebody who was there.

His mom wanted to be a fashion designer. She had a great sense of style... never created a single thing. She never showed anyone her fashions.

They both quit jobs they had over and over again. They lived with Xavier's grandparents.

At some point, I realized... they weren't waiting on God. They were making excuses. They were using God as a crutch as to why they weren't putting in any REAL work toward their goals.

I have no idea where they are now, but if they haven't changed their mindset... I'm sure they aren't far.

Is it patience waiting on God or fear forcing you stagnant?

Ask yourself this: Is God really telling you to wait? What does waiting mean? Does waiting mean not taking any strides towards your goal? Does waiting mean being patient for your strides to turn into a success? Does it mean pausing until you are in a better headspace? Ask yourself really... what are you waiting for God to do?

God gave you the talent. God gave you the passion. God gave you the calling.

Do you really think God is telling you to WAIT to step into it?

Everything happens in its time, but NOTHING happens with no effort.

It took me 3 years of consistently working before I got to where I am right now.

I go into more details in my e-book, but I waited 6 years to start my channel, forever to start my blog, and even longer to start selling digital products despite wanting to do all of these things.

I kept saying the time wasn't right or I was waiting on God, but God had told me what he wanted me to do.. and the longer it took to do it... the longer it took to become successful... I could've been rich by now if I didn't stop all that working.


Yes, sometimes we have to wait on God. Sometimes we are unsure of our path and need God to tell us where to go.

But God doesn't give you a vision or a calling that he wants you to procrastinate stepping into.

Start trusting him. Stop waiting. Stop making excuses.

Your calling is waiting.


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