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Are FB Ads Worth It?

I have had multiple clients ask me if they should even bother with Facebook marketing. Facebook business is highly dependent on ads and organic following and reach is not easy or even likely. Is it impossible? No. If you use proper SEO and eye catching visuals, people will find your business when they are searching for what you have to offer.

However, in order to know whether or not you should invest in Facebook marketing, here are some things to consider:

  • FB is most popular among the ages 25-35

  • Middle aged adults use this platform more than other platforms.

So Facebook marketing is highly dependent on who your target audience is. Who are you trying to reach? That’s an important question to answer before you settle on any platform to use. Proper research demographic is important.

If your demographic IS on Facebook then here are some reasons why you SHOULD be using FB Ads: states that the average American spends 40 minutes just on Facebook (I personally can spend a much longer time).

Why would you let that type of audience opportunity go to waste?

Over a billion people log on to FB monthly

This is a HUGE audience for you to tap into And there are a lot of purchases made heavily from this demographic (mentioned above) via FB links.

Can hit target audience right on the nose.

Facebook has the best target audience options of all the platforms. Age, interest, and area are all included. This allows you to get your brand or business directly in front of the person it’s meant to be in front of.

Are you ready to dive into FB marketing?

Contact me if you’re wanting Help with your social media management.


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