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April’s Blessings!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

We are BACK with my favorite blog post of the month! This is probably the least popular thing that I talk about on my blog and YET it is the one I look forward to the most. Why? Well, one: it connects me with you guys on a more personal level. Two: I get to look over my month and reflect on the positives that happen. We all have hardships and trials and I think that is VITAL that we take intentional time to reflect on accomplishments and blessings that come our way!

If you are new, monthly blessings is a segment I created a long time ago. At the end of each month I reflect on the good things that happened through the month. Some are big. Some are small. ALL are worth being grateful for! In the comments I encourage you all to reflect as well and share some things that you are also grateful for this month!! So let’s get to it!!

April’s Blessings!

  1. Started planning for something new and EXCITING! I probably won’t say exactly what I am planning for yet, but I have some VERY exciting news coming soon and I am in the process of planning and getting things together for it! I am so super excited and psyched about it! I am sorry if I am bringing it up and not giving the deets, but the deets will be coming soon though, so just wait on it!

  2. I had my first video make it to 1k views! I have been getting TREMENDOUS support and a couple weeks ago I had a video make it to over 1k views for the first time! I almost CRIED! I have never been so excited! I put in so much time and effort into my YouTube Channel and my blog that milestones like this just rejuvenate me and help me to remember that my efforts have not been in vain! If you want to watch the video click here.

  1. I have doubled my blog pageviews! You guys are wonderful and super supportive and the views on my blog has been great! I have had a lot more of you sign up for the email list which is also exciting! I am so appreciative of everything you guys are doing for me and my life YOU JUST DON’T KNOW. I feel like my blog is so personalized and while it is based on being a girl boss and self development, I am also not nearly as orthodox as some others and my lack of ‘blog professionalism’ hasn’t stopped you guys from supporting and I appreciate such support of me and who I am.

  2. Signed on a new big client. My business has been getting a lot of attention lately and people have been asking a lot of questions. I am loving the growth, even though it is a bit intimidating, but it also is a HUGE step in the right direction towards me working full-time from home and I absolutely love that! I have been really on it when it comes to my business, blog, email list, and EVERYTHING. So yeah… super dope.                                                                    

  1. My YouTube-iversary passed. This month marks ONE WHOLE YEAR of me being on YouTube! I am super excited. I have learned so much and improved my content so much I am amazingly proud of myself!

A lot of really awesome things happened for me this month! I am really growing my online business, my blog, and my YouTube Channel. I am mega excited to see where I am by the end of this year. Heck, by the end of this SUMMER! I have never been more confident in myself and my dreams and all I have in store! Things are only going to get better from here!

What great things have you experienced this month?

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