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8 Things You Should NOT Be Doing On Instagram

Are you wanting to know how to grow your Instagram for your business? A lot of people don't realize that one of the biggest reasons they are not bringing in more traffic to their socials is because of some simple things they are doing on Instagram that they should NOT be doing.

So, what are you doing on Instagram that you should NOT be doing? Find out right here:

What NOT to do on Instagram

Set your profile as private

If someone comes across your profile and it is private, they are a lot less likely to follow you. If your Instagram is private, people cannot check out your posts to see if you're even worth the follow. This also hurts your engagement which in turn, hurts your conversions.

Having a Non-User Friendly Username

People are not going to take your brand seriously if your brand name on your socials is "brandhere2007". It looks unprofessional and will turn paying clients/customers or brands away.

Using random hashtags

Hashtag research is important. You want to be sure you're using RELEVANT hashtags, not just ones that you feel has the best number of people looking at it. If you use hashtags that don't fit your brand or your post, the algorithm will get confused and won't know what audience to put you in front of the most.

Ignoring comments

In 2020, engagement is more important than ever. Ignoring comments can greatly hurt your algorithm and also gives a wrong message to your target audience. You want to be involved and active on your accounts. Answer questions, acknowledging feedback, and things like that. Plus, a reply to a comment brings your demographic BACK to your profile and that second look could turn into a conversion.

Follow everyone that follows you

Engagement is important. However, who you follow is a part of your virtual environment. You should be following potential clients and other people in your field so you are virtually surrounded with inspiration and motivation on your timeline.

Posting and getting offline

A lot of people make the mistake of ONLY ever posting. The first hour a post is up (or at least the first 30 minutes) you should be interacting with new accounts, replying to comments, and engaging with your target audience. It is important to be engaged ESPECIALLY right around posting time.

Constantly selling

If every post is a pitch, people will get tired of you throwing sales in their face. Offer value, humor, and whatever attracts your demographic. This will take a fair share of research, but nobody wants to see nothing but sales posts and that pushy behavior will cost you conversions.

Begging for followers

You want your audience to follow you because they want to follow you. You want them interested in your content and what you have to offer, so yes engage with them and grab their interest. However, one pet peeve of mine is when someone comments on MY post promoting themselves. That's tacky and just not the way to do it. Engage GENUINELY and it will be returned to you that way.

Instagram is important for business and will become even more important for 2020. Make sure you are not doing any of these things and start growing your business.

What has been blocking your Instagram growth?

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