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8 Reasons You’re Not Getting Leads To Your Business

My coaching clients often tell me that they are posting daily on Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc but they aren’t gaining clicks and leads to their business. All of the gurus say if you’re posting consistently and every day you’ll get leads to your business or website, right? Well... not quite.

There are some key things most of my clients (and probably you too) are guilty that keeps them from being successful in gaining leads and I am going to share them with you.

The Reason You’re Not Getting Any Leads

You aren’t focusing on your target audience

I am always surprised at how few people recognize who their target is and how to recognize them. No target audience means no functioning marketing strategy. To see my video on Target audience, click here. And don't forget to CONTACT ME or go to the book a call tab in the menu if you would like to book a coaching call with me.

You‘re impatient

It does not happen overnight. It takes clients days and sometimes weeks to make a decision when it comes to how they feel about a brand. They follow, look at your posts, and analyze your authority in your niche. Rome wasn’t built overnight.

Your brand doesn’t have its own voice.

YOUR brand needs to have a voice. It needs to have principles and something it stands for. That’s how your audience sets you apart from everyone else in your niche. If people don't know anything about what you stand for or who you are, they will not be inclined to stick around.

You don’t care about your clients/customers needs

Instead of posting content for you, your content should be for your audience. Pay attention to what you see your target audience in need of. Ask questions. Take polls. Then you Can offer value and what your audience is actually in need of instead of trying to decide that for yourself.

You lack quality CTA’s

Your call to action MATTERS. You need to get your audience engaged. It doesn’t always have to be sales. Sometimes it can be simply asking your audience for their opinion so you can better serve them, but if your CTA isn’t bringing your audience to do something, it isn‘t being done correctly.

Your website/graphics = trash

People who rushes and threw stuff together with no thought into it can easily be recognized. If it looks unprofessional as soon as they look at your social media, they aren’t going to want to click on a website or see if you’re offering value or not. You can learn how to do it yourself OR you can consult professionals. I HATE graphics and website design. I got someone else to do ALL of it for me because I knew it was not my forte and I wouldn’t be able to do as good a job.