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6 Ways to Personalize Your At-Home Office

Do you work from home?

Are you trying to grow your own business?

Do you have an at home office for your YouTube Channel or side hustle?

Well, I am a HUGE fan of at-home office decor and making your office space your own. Why? Well, I believe that if you are wanting to show up as your best, your environment needs to represent that as well.

On my YouTube Channel, I am going to soon create a video about my home office and give you guys the full tour (after my YouTube break so subscribe and stay tuned), but TODAY I am going to give you guys the tips that I am going to use to make my home office space my own.

How To Personalize Your Office Space

Add some nature

I love plants and flowers. It literally brightens up any space. Get yourself a potted plant, a bouquet of flowers, or SOMETHING from outside to make give it that organic aesthetic that well know and love!

Put up personal pictures of things and people you love

In this day and age there is a HUGE increase in the use of having pictures online. I am guilty of having a ridiculous amount of online pictures from my phone. However, NOTHING beats the warmth you feel from looking at pictures of your loved ones and fave moments in time hanging on a wall or your desk. On my desk, there will be a picture of me and my fiance and then behind that wall, I will be including pictures with my family, my best friend, and other things that I thoroughly enjoy.

Decor that represents your work

Example: I am a social media manager. I run an online business and most of my other businesses also include social media. So, I place things around my office that include what I do. One of the BEST ways to do this is to make it look LEGIT with East Point Foundry plaques. East Point Foundry creates hand crafted bronze and aluminum plaques to commemorate people's greatest achievements. So, for me, I will get a plaque that says "World's Greatest Social Media Manager" or "Girl Boss of the Year" because this will A. motivate me and remind me of what I am aiming for and B. Give my office that official girl boss vibe that y'all know I love.

Not only will you get custom bronze plaques to make your position official and highlighted in your office, but they also do customizable borders, textures, colors, texts and sizes. So you get things EXACTLY how you want them! Stay tuned for my YouTube video showing off the plaque I am going to have created!

Get organized

One of the best ways to have a personalized home office is to make sure you are utilizing the space the best you can. Organizing files, notebooks, books, etc so that there isn't clutter can also open the doors to creativity. This will probably be the hardest thing for me to accomplish. I am the QUEEN of disorganization, which is not great for being a business owner who runs all types of side hustles, but I have made a clear effort to organize my notebooks, planners, and office equipment and I can honestly say I have seen an obscene amount of progress and growth. So first things first, get your office space organized so that everything is clear. Remember: clear mind space means clear mind.

Make it cozy

I love stuffed animals. There. I said it. One thing I am OVERLY excited to do is add my stuffed animal collection to my home office along with a cozy bean bag chair. Why do this? Because it allows you to feel at HOME in your office space. Sometimes, you don't want to sit at your desk. Sometimes you need to do something other than sit straight and type up your emails or your blog post (like this one) and you want to switch it up. Getting something like a comfy couch or giant pillow you can lay on surrounded by things that make you feel warm and cozy like stuffed animals or warm blankets.

Add some art

This is something I will be experimenting with and sharing more about with you guys later on for how I will personally be incorporating this on my channel (and if you guys want a blog version tour of my office... comment below and let me know!). But adding art adds expression. It also breeds inspiration. Find something that speaks to you, calls to who you are and your personality. I cannot WAIT to completely shower my at-home office with artwork that is beautiful, inspiring, and expresses who I am as a person.

So, do you feel ready to personalize and decorate your at-home office?

Which one of these calls out to you most?

Do you want a finish tour of my at-home office on the blog? Comment below!

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