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6 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Organically

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Most of you know I am a social media manager and consultant. I help businesses grow their social media and keep relevancy online. We also offer other things like website design, logo creation, etc etc. Then, it occurred to me that while this is a big part of what the Cherishingflo brand is and does, I have not posted any blog posts regarding social media for you guys.

SO, today we are going to dive into the world of Instagram algorithms and proper IG strategies so that you can start growing your Instagram organically and with your Target Audience in mind. Y’all ready?

How To Grow Your IG organically

  1. Maintain an active posting schedule. Consistency is key for staying on Instagram’s algorithms. I have had clients who started with few followers on the explore page and Top Posts page because we were maintaining a posting schedule. This lets potential clients and followers know that if they follow you they will receive content in return.

  2. Hashtags. I am not going to tell you how many hashtags to use. Everyone has different opinions and it tends to vary in it’s validity based on the page. HOWEVER, I will say that using RELEVANT hashtags matter much more than using the right amount. You want to be sure that the people who are looking up the hashtags you are using fit your target audience. Also, try not to use a BUNCH of hashtags that are overly saturated. Makes it harder to find you.                                                                       

  1. Reply to comments. Replying to comments puts more comments under your post and boosts you in the algorithm, especially the comments that come in within the first hour of you posting.

  2. Reach out to similar pages. Reach out, engage, and be active with pages similar to yours. Their followers will start to notice you and that will in turn bring more traffic to your profile.                            

  1. Stop trying to copy ‘successful’ pages. I am not saying don’t try to emulate what others are doing to be successful but it is OBVIOUSLY phony when you are copying someone else down to the T and no individuality is coming out. You want people to fall in love with you and who you are and THEN they will take interest in your business, blog, or YouTube channel. If you’re exactly like everyone else, what would be the point of following you when they could follow the ones who came before you?

  2. Don’t be salesy. Every post does not have to be about what link you want them to click on. It’s the same with blogs and YouTube videos. Not everything you post has to have affiliate links, or a sponsored item. Get to know your audience and let them get to know you. Be personable. Be motivating. Be more than just a “buy, buy, buy” or “click, click, click” account.

Has this post helped you at all? Leave in the comments something you’ve learned about Instagram. Let me know any additional tips you may have as well!

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