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6 Signs That It's Time To Outsource

I am a firm believer in hiring help for your business... but if you're skeptical... TRUST, I understand.

I started my social media management business in 2018 and for two straight years, I did everything myself wearing ALL the hats PLUS working a full-time job. I was a walking ball of stress but I didn't want to hand over something so important to me to someone else.

But then in 2020 I took the leap and hired my first VA. And it CHANGED my life. Now I am practically ADDICTED to outsourcing tasks I don't want to do because of the impact it has had on my business, my mental health, and my feel of being a business owner and not just a self-employed person.

Maybe you're skeptical or curious about outsourcing but don't know if it's that time for you.

Well here are 6 signs it's probably time to outsource

6 Signs That It Is Time To Outsource

You're working over 40 hours a week

I know that business gurus always preach that nonsense about working 80 hours a week to accomplish your business goals but that is not LIVING. I am not about to sacrifice ALL my free time with my loved ones and experiencing life when I can outsource some things and have more time to myself. If you find yourself working 40 hours a week at a 9-5 and then working 8+ extra hours on a business? You are wasting time when you could be using that 9-5 to FUND some HELP.

You've reached a stagnant place in your growth

This is kind of what happened to me. I got to a certain level of growth in my business and things just stopped moving. It was partially because of burnout or feeling uninspired, but also because I couldn't do any more than what I was doing. I could not add any more tasks or strategies to my plate. And even if I could, I didn't want to add any more hours or time to my plate. If this is the case for you, it may be time to hire someone who is good at something you struggle with consistently to free up that time.

There's areas in your business you hate or suck at doing

For me, it was building a website. I literally could not STANNNDDDD website stuff. It was the first thing I had my VA help me with and it freed up sooo much time. Maybe for you it's social media. If that's the case, try booking a discovery call with us and let's see if we can help take this off your hands. It doesn't have to be social media entirely. It could be just engagement. Or simply editing reels. Whatever it is, don't force yourself to do things you hate. That's no different than working a 9-5 you don't like. Maybe it's email marketing. Maybe it's Pinterest. WHATEVER it is... don't force it. Outsource it.

You're stressed TF out

This was DEFINITELY my situation. You wanna talk about stressed out? I was a BALL of stress all the time. I was trying to manage a business, my 9-5, my family, self-care... I can't even IMAGINE if I had kids! Being stressed trying to run a business is simply no way to live.

Your work-life balance is off

This, to me, is key. The whole point of starting a business is wanting freedom and doing things you love. There is nothing free feeling about rushing orders, scrambling to create content, struggling to figure out website building, while also simply trying to live and enjoy your life. Does that make you feel like a boss? Probably not, right? Outsourcing saves you TIME and allows you to be able to live your life more on your terms.

Quality is declining

A lot of my clients come to me for this exact reason. Maybe you are getting burnt out or you're realizing that as time passes, you're not able to keep up with the trends or changes in algorithms or new rules with marketing or website changes. Maybe you are seeing that as time goes by your quality is decreasing because you can't give your all to a million different jobs. If quality is suffering, the growth of your business will also suffer.

If any of these things sound like you, it might be time to outsource something that is on your plate. You could do it little by little but the relief of knowing something is getting done and done well without you having to think about it..? Unparalleled.

Again, if what you're needing to outsource is blog writing, social media, or email writing be sure to book a discovery call with us and let's see if we're a good fit!

Otherwise, drop a comment down below of what YOU want to outsource soon.

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