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51 New Years Resolution Ideas

New Year, New Year's Resolutions.

I don't care what anyone says, making goals and resolutions are fun, inspiring, and I am HERE for it.

Check out this list of New Year's Resolution Ideas so you can go into the New Year with intention!

51 New Years Resolution Ideas

  1. Focus on your passions

  2. Increase health

  3. Compliment yourself daily

  4. Spend 24 hours, once a week completely offline

  5. Be kinder

  6. Read a book 1-2x per month

  7. Travel more

  8. Increase income

  9. Stop useless spending

  10. Cook at home more

  11. Start volunteering

  12. Drink more water

  13. Work smarter, not harder

  14. Save more

  15. Invest more

  16. Show more gratitude

  17. Spend more time with loved ones

  18. Find a mental health outlet

  19. Increase your credit score

  20. Create a source of passive income

  21. Let go of resentments

  22. Start a new hobby

  23. Spend more time in nature

  24. Get rid of clothes you never wear

  25. Remove toxicity from your life

  26. Do something that scares you

  27. Make your bed every morning

  28. Better your relationship with God

  29. Meditate daily

  30. Go to bed/wake up early

  31. Listen more

  32. Join a club

  33. Meet like minded people

  34. Quit smoking

  35. Drink less

  36. Eat healthier

  37. Become more private

  38. Personalize your home

  39. Listen to more inspirational videos/podcasts

  40. Sanitize your phone regularly

  41. Delegate chores

  42. Invest in skin care

  43. Walk more

  44. Learn a new skill

  45. Get more into art

  46. Master a current skill

  47. Increase your knowledge

  48. Book doctors appointments

  49. Get a morning/night routine

  50. Get rid of costly subscriptions you don't use

  51. Get regular massages

Which one of these are you going to add to your New Years Resolution list?


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