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5 Ways Starting a Business Changed My Life

It's crazy how becoming a business owner changes things... I mean literally made me into a whole new person.

The truth is, being a business owner can be really hard. But I am learning that a part of that hardness is EXACTLY what turns you into the more defined, successful, person you become when you don't give up.

So I wanna share how my business journey has changed my life.

How Starting a Business Changed My Life

I've met amazing people

And I mean AMAZING people. Especially these amazing women I've met in the virtual and actual world.

I've learned about industries I never would've before

I literally now know so much about things like running an events company and all that it takes to publish a book or run a bookstore. I was able to publish my first e-book because of a client that sold several digital products, which is one of my fave self accomplishments.

I'm able to provide an income for someone else

I almost cried and threw up at the same time typing this. I can pay other people to do things and that's something I never would've even imagined myself capable of.

My confidence has increased

In some ways, I have always been confident. I always thought I was a cute little thang walking, but my confidence as a BOSS has skyrocketed since starting my business. I walk differently. I talk differently. I carry myself differently. There's confidence that comes from accomplishing and doing the things you say you're going to do.

I've changed my mindset

My relationships with a lot of things have changed... including with myself. I used to put EVERYBODY else first and now everybody around me is better off BECAUSE I put myself first. My mindset on money changed. My mindset on friendships changed. My mindset on what really matters changed.

Being a business owner has been the experience of a lifetime and honestly, I feel ultimately blessed to be able to own a business and provide something for others. It makes all the difference to me in the world.

How has being a business owner changed your life?


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