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5 Things Killing Your Motivation

Motivation is not something that will come and stay. It will wisp away from time to time and you are going to have to focus on discipline.

Sometimes it is our own behavior, patters, and choices that is keeping us from success and staying motivated to accomplish our goals.

Things Killing Your Motivation

Your environment

What you surround yourself with will reflect back to you in some form or fashion. This includes your friends, your family, your cleanliness, your blank and dull walls, and much more. You want to make sure that what you surround yourself with is conducive to your success and does not work against it.

Your sleeping habits

If you are not getting enough sleep you definitely will not be able to stay motivated throughout the day in order to accomplish your goals. When I don't have good sleep I tend to get unfocused and tired throughout the day. However good sleep keeps your mind clear and focused so you can move fluidly throughout your day.

Your morning routine

NOW HERE ME OUT ALL YOU NIGHT OWLS. Franticly starting your morning with no purpose or guidance can be exactly why you aren't motivated. It is important to start your morning routing with self care and behaviors that are conducive to your motivation and the start of your day. For example, I have a boss bitch playlist I listen to each morning.


Interestingly enough, I find myself completely unmotivated when I start making myself feel bad for not being like other pages that are in my niche that I look up to. It sucks feeling so in adequate. Imposter syndrome is real. Which is why I will mute those accounts on days I feel like that cause I am a boss bitch and I gotta remember that sometimes. You have got to do the same.


The more you say "I'll do it later" the less you'll feel like doing it when later actually comes until your in panic mode and then the quality comes out not as good as it would've if you had just planned it out step by step and took action towards it at the very least.

Motivation is a daily working thing and there will be days that you just don't have it. But you don't have to drain it yourself.

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