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5 Productivity Myths

I love productivity, but productivity is the one thing that can also get on my nerves the most.


Because people CONSTANTLY spread such foolishness about productivity and so today we are going to BUST some of these myths and talk about what is REAL about productivity so you can start living your best life.

Productivity Myths

Being productive means getting EVERYTHING done

This mindset is so toxic it is unsettling. You cannot do EVERYTHING. Literally. You cannot. This is why outsourcing exists. If you call a day a failure because you didn't do all of the things, you are putting unrealistic expectations on yourself. Productivity is about using your entire day in the way that best benefits you and that does not align with overworking yourself.

There's a one way for all to be productive

Productivity is individual. Stop copying all these "gurus", including myself, who are practicing things that don't fit you or your life. That is not healthy and it will just be another wasted "busy" thing for you during the day.

You have to be "productive" all day

Really when people say this, they mean being busy. And this is the legit WORST thing you can do. Doing nothing and resting is not only ok but PRODUCTIVE AF when it is exactly what your body needs.

You need to be productive all the time to be successful

This actually used to get me too. This unrealistic version of myself existed in myself where I thought I wasn't a girl boss until I was CONSTANTLY on the move, but that is definitely not the key now. One, mental health can deem that impossible. ESPECIALLY if you're an entrepreneur or content creator, you hit big highs AND big lows. Secondly, you are HUMAN. Running around like a crazy person... is not being productive.

A rigid, consistent, routine is needed

This may work for some people... but it doesn't work for even more people. Once again, let me be clear, I LOOOOOVE morning routines and night routines. It is one of my fave things to create, but I keep my routines very FLUID. I go through doing things that I basically enjoy in order to consistently do what feels good. When something doesn't feel good anymore or doesn't feel right in one day, I don't do it. For example, I love yoga and it is a part of my routine, but some days... I don't feel right doing yoga and would rather take a walk. And so I do. Do what feels good to you, even if that changes.

Productivity is supposed to make your life easier, not harder.

It is meant to bring about smooth operation, not stressed out individuals.

Want more tips on productivity? Let me know in the comments!

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